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So let me get this straight, now liberals are anti-union? My favorite aspect of President Trump is how easily he gets the liberal's panties so in a bunch that they can't even remember who and what they are suppose to support!
The leftist can't let President Trump succeed, it means Karl Marx was wrong.LOL
I think you are confused. Trumps biggest foreign supporter is Russia.

As of this morning, we are watching Russia strategically place one of it's destroyers off the coast of the New England states, observing Israel's President short of laughing his posterior off in regard to Trump's odd behavior at a press conference, Mexico's Presidents current and former call him a crazy man in regard to who will pay for the wall, all this in 27 days but for those with excellent memories, the GOP stated that Obama was too soft. Now that we have a bullish and brash dullard for POTUS, why is so much anti America and anti Trump protesting culminating all around the world like no time in history? It's a testament to how diplomacy sometimes comes across a weak but exposes the idiocy of a loudmouth with the capability to insult and agitate our foreign countries into retaliation if you disrespect them and believe you me, countries such as China, Russia and Korea are more than willing to have you test their ability to stand up to perceived bullies.

I know how to bring out the buffoonery of A Trump supporter.State Fact