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You're a glutton for punishment aren't you? Yes...please leave...for your sake. whistle


Poor dumbfounded fool. Staggering around this place in an "alternative reality" daze. Unable to crap out a comprehensible, let alone a well-founded contribution for his task master Trump.

Watching Tommyboy's pathetic stream of second-rate shilling and flaccid slams. Like watching a slow-motion train wreck.

Aaaahh....the awesomeness of cheap thrills. grin

What's really funny is the fact that Tommy derailed his own topic by means of a lack of rebuttals....well if you construe baby talk as articulating your views....anyway you look at it, he was never on a debate team in high school. whistle
Now he's angry, frustrated and name calling because we told him that the earth is round, a factual and proven topic but ignorance on his part, keeps up the nonsensical attempts anyways to prove you wrong.

Mean while in reality land.