Found on the inter-web.

TRUMP EFFECT CAPTURED last week -for those using the mainstream media:

1) Elizabeth Warren got sent to timeout.

2) DeVos became Education Secretary.

3) Arizona announces $7B investment; 10,000 new jobs.

4) Melania Trump wins her libel suit vs fake news.

5) Liberal-biased ESPN has massive losses in revenue.

6) Iran removed their missiles from launching pads.

7) Ted Cruz's take-down of Bernie shocks snowflakes.

8) New poll-->growing support for Trump's refugee plans.

9) Pelosi says she will not be able to work with Bush.

10) Maxine is crying; wants UN to stop Putin's invasion of Korea.

11) Jeff Sessions was CONFIRMED and now sworn

12) And a Democrat Senator from CA admitted (under oath via testimony) half his family and nearly all illegal aliens have fake/stolen ID's, Social Security Cards and driver's licenses.
Luke 8:17

James 1:12