Colorado court rejects appeal; rancher who waged war on mosquitoes to protect spouse faces jail

“The underlying decision, which the courts forcefully have affirmed, is that pesticide spraying can constitute a trespass on private property, organic farmers and people whose health is precarious.”

Monsanto's $975 million expansion breaking ground in Luling

The new facility, expected to be completed in 2019, will be used to launch Monsanto's Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System and produce a new herbicide called Dicamba. The Luling site already manufactures the herbicide Roundup, available for household use to kill weeds and grass.

Utica/Syracuse, NY attorneys advertising on facebook for people harmed by Glyphosate/Roundup.

New rules on GMO about to trigger debate

The ministry's logic is this: Unless the final product shows traces of GMOs, GMO labeling is unnecessary.

Consumers voiced their disagreement.

"Consumers want information about crops that were originally used," said Kim Young-mi from iCOOP, a consumer rights activist group, "not the information after processing."

Consumers and activists have demanded the government change this clause, but big food companies have also long pressured the government to keep it.

Rachel Carson

Catch Stephanie Seneff's New Interview on the Richie Allen Show covering California's new #glyphosate labeling proposal, its associated research, #Zika, and the failure of academia.

Starts at 23:00.

Monsanto’s Mind-Meld; Spin Machine in High Gear

The latest move, the formation of a group called “Campaign for Accuracy in Public Health Research”, (CAPHR) clearly promotes an agenda opposite to that which its name implies. Formed this month by the American Chemistry Council, whose membership includes Monsanto and other chemical industry titans, the group’s express purpose is to discredit the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a unit of the World Health Organization made up of independent scientists.

US Farmers Lose Superweeds Fight as Glyphosate Resistance Tops 75%

Giles stated; “GM crops are on the edge of failure in the U.S. as farmers are asked to fork out more and more money on herbicides to try to control the superweeds. We simply can’t afford it! It is near the end of the road for these crops and many of my friends in the Midwest are on the edge of turning back to conventional farming methods.”

Heilongjiang province, the bread basket of China, has banned the planting of genetically modified crops.

The Next Farmers -- Joel Salatin, 'Idea Salesman' of Polyface Farm

Court Rules Against Monsanto, Allows California To Put Cancer Warning On Roundup

Organic Chickens Get More Room To Roam

Reclaiming Our Traditional Foodways

Feelings mixed on gene-edited mushroom

“Justifiably or not — I think, not — GMO food items are viewed negatively by a wide segment of consumers driven by much negative publicity — most unjustified — and by regional legislation seeking to limit or ban GMO items,” he said.

“This mushroom will be looked on by consumers as a GMO item even though the CRISPR technology does not introduce genetic material taken from a different organism as does the traditional method of gene splicing/replacement.

Dairy producers see opportunities with non-GMO milk

A small but growing number of U.S. dairy producers are getting their milk products non-GMO verified to meet consumer demand and differentiate themselves in a challenging dairy market.

Monsanto sees prolonged delay on GMO corn permits in Mexico

A ban on planting genetically modified corn in Mexico is likely to continue for years as a slow-moving legal battle grinds on, said a top executive of U.S.-based seed and agrochemical company Monsanto Co.

Last week, a Mexican court upheld a late 2013 ruling that temporarily halted even pilot plots of GMO corn following a legal challenge over its effects on the environment.

Seneff: ““A couple of years ago, I worked hard, along with many others, to get Kauai's bill 2491 passed - to force the pesticide industry entrenched in the West Side of Kauai to let the residents know what they're spraying, where they are spraying it , and when they are spraying it. A simple request. The bill passed, which was a miracle, but immediately there were lawsuits from the industry to keep it from having any teeth. Hmmm. It seems that counties are not allowed to regulate poisoning of their neighborhoods. However, the counties, Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island, all of whom have passed laws that are tied up in lawsuits, have now united to get the STATE of Hawaii to consider legislation to solve this problem. This is good news - a new buffer-zone bill, resembling Kauai's 2491, has come out of committee AT THE STATE LEVEL. Is it conceivable that the STATE of Hawaii will be able finally to stand up to the chemical industry to protect Hawaii's children from harm? One has to have hope!

"The report, by a fact-finding group made up of both industry and GMO critics, found elevated levels of ADHD, diabetes and renal disease for residents in West Kauai, which is home to several seed companies."

Correlation does not equal causation? I think it does!””

Pesticide oversight, buffer zone bills advance out of committee

The British Government Has Colluded With Monsanto And Should Be Held Accountable In The International Criminal Court

We have enough information to know that agrochemicals are killing us and exactly who (corporations, public bodies and individuals) is culpable.

Readers can consult all of Mason’s fully-referenced documents here.

Trump’s Pick for Ag Secretary Has ‘Bigly’ Ties to Big Ag and Big Food

LIFESTYLE Bay Area School District is the First Ever to Serve Kids All-Organic, Non-GMO Lunches

Justin Everett, the consulting chef with The Conscious Kitchen, explained: “Most people don’t realize that GMOs are everywhere, especially in processed foods.

“By embracing fresh, local, organic, non-GMO food, this program successfully disrupts the cycle of unhealthy, pre-packaged, heat and serve meals that dominate school kitchens.”

Seneff: “Half-hour podcast interview with me on glyphosate hosted by Wise Traditions - I covered a lot of aspects of the toxicity of glyphosate and why I think it should be banned from the earth.”

Environmental Toxicants and Infant Mortality in the USA - 2016

David Kennedy, Stephanie Seneff, Robert M Davidson, John W Oller Jr, Boyd E Haley, and Roger D

Abstract: Despite enjoying a high standard of living, the United States ranks 46th among nations reporting
infant survival rates to the World Health Organization. Among factors that increase infant mortality are
environmental toxicants. Toxic metals such as mercury, aluminum, and lead interact synergistically
with fluoride compounds to produce metal fluoride complexes (e.g., AlF3 and AlF4−). Such toxicants act
as biophosphate mimetics disrupting biological signaling processes governing development, immune
defenses, and ordinary maintenance systems. Sources for the metals include mother’s mercury
amalgams, mercury and aluminum in injected medicines, and lead contaminated drinking water. All
of them are made even more toxic by fluorides as evidenced recently by water contamination in Flint,
Michigan. Fluorides interact with other toxins increasing their harmful impact. Among the interactants
are glyphosate and phosphate containing fertilizers that end up in the food and water because of
their widespread use in agriculture. The negative synergy for neonates in the U.S. is increased by
the hepatitis B injection containing both mercury and aluminum, and infant formula contaminated with
aluminum and the glyphosate in genetically modified soy milk reconstituted with water containing
fluoride, aluminum, lead, and other toxic substances. The harmful interactions of such chemicals are
associated with rising infant mortality in the U.S. We propose, therefore, a modest but urgent policy
change: under TSCA §5, silicofluoride addition to public water supplies should be suspended.

Win a 200-word essay contest and take over this $450,000 organic farm for free

GM Watch

Cloned cattle entering the EU
Monsanto’s communications guru to visit the UK
Trump could approve a giant merger that's scaring American farmers

Feb 7

It isn't Health Canada's job to put a positive spin on GMOs
Heilongjiang province, bread basket of north-east China, bans planting of GM crops
GMO scientist Jonathan Jones promotes reduced GMO regulations in the UK post-Brexit

Feb 6

The time for glyphosate-based herbicides is over
Urge state governments to institute pesticide-free buffer zones around schools
Colorado rancher loses appeal in pesticides case

Feb 3

Hawaii: Pesticide oversight, buffer zone bills advance out of committee
Fairy dust, spin, and GM wheat
Non-GMO non-browning apples available
Next-generation GMO foods need better regulation
GM insects could disrupt international food trade
Iowa Farmers Union keeping an eye on DuPont-Dow merger

Feb 2

Monsanto’s spin machine in high gear in bid to save glyphosate
UK GM wheat trial gets go-ahead
American Farm Bureau Federation says US-UK trade deal contingent on accepting unlabelled GMOs
World’s largest companies rolling out new programme to control global ag

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See 2017 review of science documenting that fluoride is a nephrotoxin, i.e. drinking fluoridated water poisons kidneys.

Fluorinated Compounds in U.S. Fast Food Packaging
Arty turns 10 this summer.