It's apparent that you don't get around the world. I've visited Mexico, PR and most of the Caribbeans. Guess the prices of automobiles, electronica & basic food items such as meats,and lettuce? 4 times more than what we pay, ever observe the price of gasoline there, ask the question why, a Toyota van is surcharged 98% import fee, cigarettes are surcharged 140% (again, look it up please for your education. These fees go to the government, not the people and meanwhile, a vehicle cost twice as much. When you see a surcharge on TVs, vehicles and other consumer items here in the US, I can bet ignorance will go fleeting when the cost to buy triples in price.

Here's a article of 10 years ago, factor in inflation and you do the math.

When will we start paying this import tax that trump threatens to levy on imported items?