Insecticides mimic melatonin, creating higher risk for diabetes - Scientists provide first evidence that carbamates can upset circadian rhythms

January 19, 2017, University at Buffalo

Summary: Synthetic chemicals commonly found in insecticides and garden products bind to the receptors that govern our biological clocks researchers have found.

The current research focuses on two chemicals, carbaryl, the third most widely used insecticide in the U.S. but which is illegal in several countries, and carbofuran, the most toxic carbamate insecticide, which has been banned for applications on food crops for human consumption since 2009. It is still used in many countries, including Mexico and traces persist in food, plants and wildlife.

Seneff: “I will be doing a live interview with Rochelle McLaughlin on Feb 2. at 2 p.m. Pacific time. A chance to learn about why glyphosate's correlations with multiple chronic diseases make sense from a causality standpoint.”

Seneff: “New article looks in depth at the issues with transgenic soy engineered to produce growth hormones - and other considerations on why GMO Roundup Ready soy might not be such a good food for infants, in any case.”

Soy-Based Therapeutic Baby Formulas: Testable Hypotheses Regarding the Pros and Cons, Cara J. Westmark, Department of Neurology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA

Soy-based infant formulas have been consumed in the United States since 1909, and currently constitute a significant portion of the infant formula market. There are efforts underway to generate genetically modified soybeans that produce therapeutic agents of interest with the intent to deliver those agents in a soy-based infant formula platform. The threefold purpose of this review article is to first discuss the pros and cons of soy-based infant formulas, then present testable hypotheses to discern the suitability of a soy platform for drug delivery in babies, and finally start a discussion to inform public policy on this important area of infant nutrition.;id=224193#h5

Letter to Trump: Make America Healthy & Great Again!

Glyphosate : The story of slow poisoning of North America

With 511 test results transcribed, the story only gets worse. Canadian food safety has gone out of the window, and is being followed closely by USA. In fact, the study is so shoddy that the largest portion of the foods tested do not even have the country of origin mentioned. Welcome the age of free poisoning instead of free trade.

Argentinian Federal Prosecutor Requests Ban on GMO Crops over Glyphosate Fears - 2016

Argentinian law clearly states that authorizations for chemicals should not be granted without knowing the full environmental and health effects of the chemical. Canda concluded that “this is clearly not the case with glyphosate herbicides, the science has not been comprehensive enough.”

The Effect of Glyphosate on Tree Roots - No sources. Sources requested from author.

Glyphosate also reduces the general cold hardiness of trees and their ability to survive extended dry spells, effects that can last longer than two years, notes the Permaculture College of Australia. The compound may also have subtle effects on fruit-bearing trees. Investigators at Cornell University found that using glyphosate to control weeds under apple trees affected the quality of the fruit, causing harvested apples to develop brown internal areas and spoil quickly in storage.

Seneff: “CRISPR technology is coming under a bit of scrutiny.”

Gene-edited animals face US regulatory crackdown

Last-minute proposal from Obama administration addresses CRISPR and other cutting-edge technologies.

Researchers transforming animals with the latest genome-engineering tools may be disappointed by draft rules released by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on 18 January — two days before US President Barack Obama leaves office. It is not clear how the administration of incoming president Donald Trump will carry the proposals forward, however.

Mitrochondrial Dysfuntion and GMOs - 2015

Jeffrey Smith interviews Dr. Alex Vasquez and Stephanie Seneff about the effects of glyphosate on human health.

Minding your mitochondria | Dr. Terry Wahls - 2011

The Difference Between Genetically Modified (GM), Heirloom and Hybrid Foods

Deciphering GMOs with Joan Gussow

Columbia University professor and food policy expert, Joan Gussow, looks to clear the confusion about genetically modified organisms.

What is a GMO? 1 minute video from Genetic Roulette:
Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives, 10 minute trailer:
Watch for free on you tube:
Institute for Responsible Technology:

Moms Across America (Zen will be speaking at the Monsanto Shareholders 2017 meeting.)

We are a national coalition of unstopable moms. Our motto is empowered moms, healthy kids and we're committed to empowering millions to educate themselves about gmo's and related pesticides, to get them labelled and offer gmo free and organic solutions. (We have male members also.) Please join us in educating the world about gmo's.

Here is a 30 minute talk that Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America gave in Sydney, Australia in March 2015. Here are a couple of quotes:

"I'm not a scientist and I'm not a doctor. I'm an expert Mom. I'm the expert of my children. You're your children's expert. If you're not a parent, you are your expert."

"A concerned Mom does better research than the FBI."

"Gmo's are a chemical delivery system to humans."

"Upstate New York tested .33 for Glyphosate in the water - 3X higher than allowed in Europe."

"Glyphosate stays viable in dark salty water for up to 351 days, does not biodegrade like they say it does, this has been proven so when I went in front of the Monsanto Shareholder meeting this past January and spoke to them about their products harming our children on behalf of mothers.

I said to them what is in our womb? Dark salty water and what is the size of a fetus? It's the size of a shrimp. You must be responsible for the contamination of our children and the pollution of our planet and I believe many of them got it."

"We have the knowledge and power to do something about this."
Arty turns 11 this summer.