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Part of Dr. Dan Pompa, Cellular Detox Expert interview by Dr. Patrick Gentempo

Dr. P: I'm Dr. Dan Pompa, I really became known for my cellular detox work which really came out of my own story, so from pain to purpose is what I love to say and now I'm blessed to train doctors around the country to do what I do.

Dr. G: So Dan you've had quite a journey in your life that's led you where you are today, can you give us your background and what brought you into your interest in being able to do detox and detox the body from things like vaccines.

Dr. P: Yea, you know I mean it wasn't something that I sat down and thought here's a great career, right I'm just gonna to do cellular detox work. No, it really came out of my own story as you said, I really at the best shape of my life, honestly, we just had two boys, life couldn't be better, a thriving practice at the time and all of a sudden fatigue out of nowhere and I guess if it was just that it would have been simple but it went from fatigue to anxiety, sleep problems, couldn't get to sleep, wake up and I couldn't get back to sleep, debilitating anxiety even at that time, and then I became allergic to everything I ate, so like many other people I'm sure even watching this it was like this food and that food and then I became chemically sensitive where I couldn't even leave my environment without getting sick so life as I knew it came to a screeching halt, I mean my hair got thin, I mean I wasn't healing normally, I couldn't even adapt to even normal stresses like sound, let alone a crying baby where my wife would have to take the child and go and, my adrenals were shot, my thyroid was shot, but when I would address those things it would seem like some things would get better but other things not so well, they would get worse. So life as I knew it changed.

Dr. G: It seems somewhat explicable, it's like where did this come from.

Dr. P: I didn't know at the time and I went from being very healthy, I was in the best shape of my life and two young kids as I said and all of a sudden this comes out of no where. Years later, after suffering for many years, I realized the source which was mercury.

Dr. G: How did you finally figure out that you had mercury toxicity that was causing all these really strange symptoms in your body?

Dr. P: After some years of researching I mean when you can't sleep in the middle of the night you know you get some of your best work done and by the way I was like I was dyslexic as a child so I had this photographic very odd good memory that I developed through it I'm sure, but that went to waste in my illness. I started not being able to do that but at times it would come and I would be able to learn and read research. I came across Mad Hatters disease and if you recall what that is but people making felt hats they used mercury to attenuate molds and other things that would happen in the felt and they became known as Mad Hatters. Well that was me, I okay this is me, I went down I got a blood test and it came out negative. I was devastated. A year or so later I became friends with an endocrinologist Brian... great guy, and I knew my thyroid... wasn't working well, and body temperatures were so low and he said you know Dan I think you have mercury poisoning, just based on your body temperatures, the hormone disregulation that you have. I said I thought so too. I got tested, I was negative. He said what test did you do. I said a blood test. That was that was the wrong test. That's good for acute mercury poisoning but not so good for chronic. I think you have chronic poisoning. Where do you think I got it. He said did you have any dental work done around the time this happened and I thought I might because I had a gold filling put in and they drilled out an amalgam filling, I still had six. By the way, the amalgam fillings fifty percent mercury in the filling and so I said well, I called my best friend who actually did the work, got the date, it was days after that actually my symptoms started. I just never put it together, I thought it was the anestetic, who knows but that's when it started and then it just built from there. In no doubt I had been accumulating it through out my life time through vaccinations, my father slathered me in Merthiolate. Another source was saline solution was the number one adult source . It was actually Thimerosal was put in the saline solution all the way through 70's, 80's, 90's, then it was outlawed.

Dr. G: Wow, so the mercury poisoning that you experienced, which created all these debilitating things for you personally, is this going on with people who are getting vaccinated .. with vaccines that contain Thimerosal?

Dr. P: Oh, there's no dought, I said I got to experience what a damaged child on the autism spectrum would see, except my brain was already developed but literally not dealing with sound, you know the sensitivities that I developed, just the inability even to look people in the eyes, that shyness, I found out later is called Mercurialism, where literally you just lose this socialibility. I didn't want to leave my home, trust me.

Dr. G: Mercurialism, I've never heard that before.

Dr. P: Yea, it's literally known as this shyness, ...I wouldn't call myself an extrovert like my wife but I definitely was more outgoing and I went from that to where I couldn't even look people in the eye, I didn't even want to have social interaction, I was autistic in an adult body.

Dr. G: felt that kind of withdrawal .. where you don't want to be out and sounds can bother you, etc. Now that you discovered this, I guess in once sense it's like good at least there's an explanation for what I'm experiencing.

Dr. P: Yea, exactly I just got goosebumps right now, it's certain things in your story, it just brings you back but through it my wife had said look God is not only going to help you and take you through this but He's going to take a message to the world through you and at that time, ...because at that time I didn't see that, I couldn't see that. At that time, it was I didn't want to live, honestly I didn't and that was that bad. I couldn't imagine living life like that, I would have rather have died and there was times, believe me, I thought that was the easy way and she would remind me of that and honestly I would get angry at her because I would think if you only knew what I felt like, I'd get angry because of her hope that she had but that came to fruition. I came through it, I learned what I learned ... what I teach today it came out of that pain. So my mantra has become from pain to purpose.

Dr. G: And so now what you have figured out is how to detox a body that has been poisoned with heavy metals that vaccines contain because you know we spend a lot of time in this program in Vaccines Revealed talking about damage, how the damage occurs, mercury, aluminum, etc. the combination of these things, how the body responds to it, different milestones in development... All of these things have been discussed but really it's very critical because it might be one thing for people to say wow glad I found out about this in time I'm not vaccinating my kids but the majority of people out there have been vaccinated and kids have been vaccinated and they're probably experiencing these vague symptoms like you are describing. It's one thing when you have a very overt, wow, immediate cause and effect, vaccine reaction but it's another thing when it's a little bit more insidious a little more subtle and then you start, people try to tell you you're crazy and they think there's something psychologically wrong with you as compared to biologically wrong with you so in this case now I think it's critical that we talk about the fact that there's hope for people who have been damaged, that they can somehow detox these heavy metals, these poisons or toxins out of their body so what exactly happens kind of on the cellular level and then what is the processes that you recommend so that people can improve themselves?

Dr. P: You said a lot of amazing things there, I'm coming out of my skin because number one just because you don't get damage after vaccination does not mean that you're not damaged. We take these kids, they didn't end up on the autism spectrum but if we understand what's happening right now with autoimmune most of it is undiagnosed and most people have it at some level. And one autoimmune builds on another. This is a the real epidemic. These kids that are being vaccinated today, when you talk about it, there are some generational things that are happening, right, but we are having an explosion yes of autism related disorders which by the way is considered autoimmune but, we're having all these children and people later that are developing autoimmune conditions. We, our generation, didn't get nearly the vaccinations, right, but yet in the 30's, and 40's and 50's we're seeing an explosion of autoimmune.

Look, they're toxic but they stimulate the wrong immune system, they stimulate and activate a type two reaction (or "type of reaction" a little inaudible), which is an emergency reaction so with every vaccine you're training the body to over react into autoimmune, not to mention the nuerotoxins. You know all of these things can turn on genes of autoimmune, we all have them, so we don't get the condition because you have the gene, you get the condition because the gene is turned off. So look the bottom line is this you know that's a big thing that we have to understand is that people have been conditioned to think that we never thought it was the bio accumulation of toxins and stressors to our lifetime through the vaccines, the flu shots, whatever it is, that's one thing I have a pet peev of detox okay, because today I think people realize the need for the detox and it's in vogue, if you will, but most people do it wrong so I was getting my life back you know it was years and understanding and researching really what detox is to what I teach today. It has to be a cellular detox.
You have to go up to the level of the cell to really that's where true detox is. So I became known what I call is true cell detox because that's what it is. So I have nothing against colon cleanses, there's a lot of different things, the liver cleanse, this ten day cleanse, I mean there all over the market but, their fine, I have nothing against those detoxes but the point is, is that they're down stream from where the real problem is and that's the cell so real detox you have to getthe cell doing what the cell does naturally.

Dr. G: So you're saying that it benefits these organ detoxes but you're saying that it's got to get down to a cellular level (Dr. P: Absolutely) in order for it to truly detox these poisons or toxins out of the system.

Dr. P: When you look at what was damaged on me, when you look at what's damaged in an autistic child, it's a cellular issue. Yes certain genes get turned on even because the cell itself is not able to get rid of the toxins that are now accumulating in the cell turning on bad genes but when the cell membrane gets damaged the mitochondria gets damaged. These things are all needed in the normal process of a cell getting rid of toxins. That's what you have to fix, so I don't care how much of these herbals that you take, things like Chlorella, they're actually weak binders anyway. You have to get the cell doing what it should be doing, that's real detox and that happens in three phases. We do a prepatory phase where we prepare the down stream pathways like the gut, the liver, the kidneys and the cell and then we have to use what I like to call true binders to make sure that the toxins once the cell starts actually up regulating its detox, that we bring the toxins all the way out of the body. That's real detox. So we have a prep phase, we have a body phase and we ultimately have a brain phase where we have to go deep enough with the cellular detox to where it matters. I got my life back by detoxing my brain and that's the key, that's what people are missing. You know it's that deep level brain detox that really is how we're going to change and make a difference in all those conditions, not just autism.

.Dr. G: So basically the problem is when we say ...aluminum, mercury, they have these adverse affects and it can lead to really devastating your health and your life moving forward but, the key is so you're saying if we going to get, reverse that process to whatever degree it can be reversed, it's a matter that this stuff is in the cells and that's where you have to take it out and mercury does accumulate in the brain (Dr. P: Absolutely), so it's a matter of saying hey, we've got to get this stuff out of the body and use the term binder so it's a matter of having things that can get to the cell, (Dr. P: Absolutely) bind with the heavy metal and pull it out and take it out of the body.

Dr. P: There's been some amazing breakthroughs in this and that we have some things that are true binders and that's key because most of the herbals are not true binders. They're not but they're able to cross into these membranes, the cell membranes as well as the blood brain barrier and actually be able to be a vehicle that doesn't let go of something like a heavy metal is very difficult to remove and make sure it moves all the way out of the body so when you put it in a system, what I call a true cellular detox, you know that's the magic, I mean that's really how you get people's lives back and you know I have to, you know I said that there's something happening today. The need to get into the brain into that deeper tissue is key. We were exposed, we grew up in the mercury generation. You know I jokingly said my father slathered me in Merthiolate which actually contained mercury, remember that stuff, that was mercury right there, the Mercurochrome and then the contact lens fluids. Thimerosal was in more than that and these were just some of the examples. Thimerosal has ethyl mercury that stuff goes right into the brain and I'm sure some of your folks have talked about that but you know then the Lead generation. We grew up with Lead gasoline. I mean it's like Lead in all the paint. Guess where most of it went, in the bones of our parents, guess what, when mom is pregnant, out comes the Lead. During pregnancy it's natural to lose bone but they lose Lead and guess what, it is going into the children. There's a study, called the Duress study where they looked at the number of fillings in mom's mouth, was proportional to how much mercury they were finding on autopsies in baby's brains. So got mom's amalgam mercury, then the Lead. So out of mom comes the Lead into the baby. That was our generation.

Today, there's a new problem, Glyphosate. Glyphosate is the ingredient in Roundup in so many different herbicides today and pesticides . So Glyphosate according to studies, Stephanie Seneff, I think you're interviewing her, right? She was one of the first to show that Glyphosate allows these nuerotoxins like mercury and Lead to cross deeper into the brain.

Dr. G: So basically Glyphosate which is almost ubiquitous now, if you're not eating organic stuff, if you have gmo foods, right, it's almost like saying it's opening the door saying come on in. (Dr. P: Oh, yea.) So the body doesn't it typically trys to keeps this stuff out, but your saying that this chemical that's sprayed all over the place is something that invites in these toxins, so it amplifies the affect.

Dr. P: Absolutely. It's breaking down the gut barrier, so it's allowing more toxins to cross the gut, but remember the gut barrier is very similar to the blood brain barrier. It's opening that up and it's allowing these toxins to cross deeper Not to mention it's creating disruption in the microbiome, the good bacteria, which is affecting detox, hormones, neurotransmitters, I mean the whole thing, the immune system, but, so I mean it is a three prong destruction that's occurring, I mean it's so much damage at the cellular level.

Dr. G: So we kind of have this perfect toxic storm in today's world so, and you could see any one of these things, vaccination could be just in and of itself a bad thing, but we take vaccines, you take the mom's amalgam, you take the Glyphosate that's being ingested and you start putting all these things together and you're whipping up quite a cocktail here that our gnome has no reference point for it to even try to adapt to it.

Dr. P: It's a perfect storm ... you had three storms come together and catastrophic storm occurs, right, that's what's happening. So you know I think it's going to be very difficult ever to say vaccines is the cause of autism. Well look, you know we could debate that til the cow's come home but when we look at what's happening, we know that it's a part of it, but it's these perfect storms are happening.

Hepatitis B vaccine, it has 200 times the amount of aluminum that they consider safe when they give a baby an IV, so what's the difference, what's the difference, we're injecting in IV, so why's your standard one thing here and we're giving it 200 times more in a vaccination?

I mean, so point is, is this amount of nuerotoxins with something that already in utero they're being exposed to Glyphosate, you know we find it in mother's breast milk, opening up the blood brain barrier, allowing these nuerotoxins to cross in. When you look at a statistic that possibly if things remain the same by 2032, one out of two kids are going to be on the autism spectrum. It seems impossible until you explain this, you know this perfect storm, that's happening

Dr. G: That's the way the graph is charting, right?

Dr. P: That's the graph it's charting, maybe it's going to get better, who knows, but when I heard that statistic even myself I said wait a minute that sounds hard to believe but when you think about what's happening with the perfect storm with this generation you say, I could see it.

Dr. G: I know you developed detox protocols that now there's hundreds of providers throughout the world that are incorporating, but somebody who's watching this at home right now whose been vaccinated, my kids been vaccinated, I'm relating to what your saying, what types of actions can they take to try to remedy their situation?

Dr. P: You know one of the game changers for me if you understand when I started researching the cellular membrane it's so many things happened. You know the cell membrane is key. I really think that Bruce Lipton really identified that life happens on the membrane, you know everything happens on the membrane. Intelligence resides in this membrane (Dr. G: There's a brain in the membrane.) Right, if you understand, I don't want to bore people with too much science but if it's literally how our nerve system comes from a membrane and there lies the intelligence but that membrane allows the good stuff into the cell but it also when it's functioning properly allows the toxins to come out. When that gets compromised, I think most people watching has heard inflammation is the cause of everything. I mean right but we're not talking about inflammation of your sore shoulder, but inflammation of every cell. That membrane becomes inflamed. Now it doesn't function the way it should. Bad genes get turned on, to turn them off we have to fix the membrane. Bruce Lipton that's a lot of his work.

To detox, if you don't fix that membrane the cell doesn't detox so, I developed something I call my five R's on how to fix a cell. It became a road map that I teach practitioners on what to do to fix a cell. R number 2 is regenerating that cell membrane. Fats are key, everybody should be paying attention to fats. When I started increasing fats in my diet, even real butter, grass fed butter, Arachidonic acid is a fat that I think most people think that's a bad one right, well we know it stabilizes the membrane. So you take something like Arachidonic acid and many parents say they are just loading up their child on fish oil and they are forgetting about if you don't have enough Arachidonic acid, fish oil actually becomes dangerous. So increasing some of these fats from grass fed meats and actually butter, could really be a game changer.

Today what we have happening in the autistic world, even the general population that eats healthy, they are taking fish oils and they're creating something called Omega 3 dominance. So imagine, so we're doing a few things wrong here. Like everyone's taking probiotic ... bacteria creating disbiosis. Everybody's taking fish oils thinking this is great creating something called Omega 3 dominance. So the point is that increase your good fats. Don't be afraid of the saturated fats, they help stabilize the membrane to. Cholesterol, there's a fat that people fear I would think.

Dr. G: Many times practitioners give drugs to try to inhibit the production of it.

Dr. P: Absolutely, so these fats from real foods, grass fed foods, grass fed butters, fantastic. You know I'm not against fish oil, but I like it in fish and if you get a fish oil, be selective and, we rotate those in. We don't keep people on them because you know we're searching for certain ratios. So diet does play a role, even putting people into ketosis is key. We know ketones, by the way they are a product of fat matabolism so as you break fat down you make something called ketones, they change the brain, they can heal the brain, that's what the science shows, they can even turn off bad genes. So changing people and getting their cells to burn fat is a majority energy source is called ketosis and that can also be a really healing property from those ketones.

Dr. G: So if I'm a mom right now and I want to try and help my kids in this way one thing that I can do is get butter from grass fed cows (Dr. P: Absolutely.) meat from grass fed cows and get more natural sources such as some of these things fish oil as compared to having them extracted. (Dr. P: Absolutely.) and put that together that these can help heal and regenerate and detox.

Dr. P: And don't forget ... we like coconut oil, we like medium chain fats, olive oils, the mono fat, you know get a variety of...but adding these fats into the diet sounds like an obvious thing or a small thing, but it really is key to fixing the membrane and fixing this brain all at the same time.

Dr. G: Anything else that you would give advice for to somebody whose watching .. right in the household I can do this which would help?

Dr. P: Well removing source, remember I said I have the 5 R's. R number one is remove the sources, obviously remove the sources from the brain.

Dr. G: So eat non gmo foods so you're not getting the Glyphosate?

Dr. P: Right, but remove the sources from your life. Look at the cleaning supplies that your using. It's so easy to do it natural these days. I mean you can make your own for goodness sake, but you know we're eating organic, especially in things like grains if you're going to eat grains because they're sprayed with that Glyphosate, all the grains are sprayed unless your 100 percent. Grain, by the way taking grains away is another good tip because a fast way to down regulate cellular inflammation is to control glucose and insulin. Taking grains away actually can do that faster, believe it our not, even than sugar . It just seems to take more of the inflammation out faster. Then you should take sugars away too, processed sugar, but grains have a big impact because there's a lot of things in grains, not just gluten, that is leaking across a leaky gut that is driving inflammation and autoimmune.

Dr. G: Well I think those are some great advice and I'm sure people can search online about getting deeper into some of these things but like you said removing things that are facilitating the problems that you have and adding some things like healthy fats could make a big difference in people's lives.
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