It's becoming quite evident that you're missing the entire target, sometimes the the whole background if I can use the terminology. One huge pitfall you find yourself in is the fact that most Republicans dominate any scenario by talking excessively and not allowing a Liberal to get a word in edge wise, example, several times a day you come here with criticism, not toward government but more so toward Liberals only. A fool, dullard, dimwit, slow wit, illiterate and any other unwise person will attempt to state that Republicans make great choices and Democrats create mistakes. It's unlearned individuals such as yourself, who constantly berate and browbeat causing Liberals to defend the good that has been done, while never offering a mutual understanding of how things can be improved or allowing Liberal to highlight the good that has been accomplished Bottom line Sir, a Conservative like yourself possess this defensive mechanism which only hear and see what it wants and facts and truth is filtered out 99% of the time, surely you fool only cwjga if you think that constant screaming and bloviating changes the narrative. Now......while I have this moment, explain why this incoming President has some of the lowest approval numbers in 50 years? I get to expose your weakness, you'll never answer the question while retorting that those numbers are "rigged" of false. confused
I guess that these numbers are rigged as well.