Monsanto Shares Up on Bayer-Trump Promise for Billions in U.S. Investment, Jobs


This lecture was recorded during a meeting of the Comox Valley Naturalists Association in Courtenay BC on September 20.

Seneff: “In this podcast, I talk about how glyphosate works together with vaccines (especialy MMR) to cause autism.”

You can read about Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s work by going here:

FDA backs down from releasing genetically modified mosquitoes after lawsuit threatened

Wray said opponents to the release had “very good cause” to object not just because of the potentially negative impact to the environment and local species, but also because it’s essentially testing or experimentation on humans, too.

“These mosquitoes will survive without tetracycline,” Wray said. “We were very upset with the company and the FDA that they would feel like it’s okay to release a product, an exotic species that would spread its DNA into the wildlife population and pollute our indigenous mosquitoes, without answering many questions about the safety first.”

“Health is Wealth” Organic Nationwide Billboard Campaign Launched

“We would like the American public to consider that health is, in fact, wealth. More important than big mergers and shareholder profits, is the health and future of our entire country. Without our health, we don’t have the ability to have anything else: good jobs, quality of life, good relationships, and a thriving economy. We hope Americans will see the incalculable value in organic food,” stated Zen Honeycutt, founder of Moms Across America.

Organic Bytes

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9 Out of 13 Members of New Biotech Committee Have Conflicts of Interest

Why are Some GMO Proponents Now in Favor of GMO Labeling?

“We don’t know how these organisms will interact with pollinators, soil systems, other organisms,” Dana Perls, food and technology campaigner for Friends of the Earth, tells The Atlantic. We also don’t know whether synthetic DNA will swap genes with wild counterparts or not.

As much as synbio fans would like this new technique to be seen as “natural,” other groups are lumping it in with GMO. The National Organic Standards Board has voted to prohibit foods produced using synthetic biology from the organic label, and Friends of the Earth calls synbio an “extreme form” of genetic engineering.

“We need to make sure it’s not going to do more harm than good,” says Perls.

Science of Food: A current perspective of GMOs and RoundUp - Part 1 - Dr. Lisa Julian Ph.D.

This metal chelating property of glyphosate means that it can interfere with the numerous essential biological processes that involve metals in plants, bacteria and humans, despite Monsanto’s initial claim of selectivity for a specific metalloprotein in the so-called shikimate pathway that does not exist in human cells. For example, glyphosate binds to the iron atom at the center of the CYP metalloproteins, which are responsible for the digestion and detoxification of nearly every substance we consume, from food to pharmaceutical drugs, and disrupts their normal functioning.

In addition, glyphosate is a powerful antibiotic, acting on the bacteria’s shikimate pathway, similar to how it acts as an herbicide in plants. We are just beginning to understand the crucial importance of the bacteria living in our bodies, now being called the human microbiome. Dr. Thierrry Vrain, former scientist for the Canadian government who recently spoke out on the danger of GMOs, describes how RoundUp affects the human microbiome in a letter to the Canadian Minister of Health: “We are vastly outnumbered, roughly 10 to one — one hundred trillion bacterial cells call our lower intestine home. They are forever sending signaling molecules to each other and to all human organs, particularly the brain. All animals depend on their symbiosis with these bacteria, and humans are no exception. They are the teachers of our immune system, they make the neurotransmitters for our brain, and have a strong connection to the heart and the whole digestive tract. … A recent review of the medical literature on celiac and other diseases shows the link to imbalances of the microbiome that are fully explained by the antibiotic properties of glyphosate.” Because glyphosate is being sprayed on non-organic wheat fields and other crops just days before harvesting for an earlier, easier and bigger harvest, it is likely that the heightened gluten sensitivity (and food allergies in general) that many people experience today is not actually due to the food itself, but rather due to the effects of toxic chemicals like RoundUp that bioaccumulate in humans and in the environment.

Ballot selfies, GMO fish ban: Besides the budget, what's on agenda for Alaska lawmakers?

Rather, the new bills range from banning genetically modified fish sales…

GM crops: WA Labor backflips on policy, will permit them to be grown - Western Australia

"There is not much we can do about it," Mr Murray said.

"We understand very clearly that GM is in the ground and very hard to remove."
Mr Murray said Labor would instead focus on "protecting non-GM farmers and the community from GM contamination" and urge the Federal Government to drive "proper food labelling laws".

Farmers welcome move but Greens decry shift as 'giving up'

But the Greens, who have long voiced health concerns over GM crops, said Labor was wrong to decide they could not be stopped.

"Obviously there are some difficulties in cleaning up but to just give up, throw up your hands and allow any GM to be grown is the wrong approach," Greens MP Lynn MacLaren said.

Dow Chemical Wants Farmers to Keep Using a Pesticide Linked to Autism and ADHD

Public health advocates have been calling on the EPA to ban the pesticide for years. Four months before the report came out, a group of 47 scientists and doctors with expertise in children’s brain development, including the director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, issued a grave warning that toxic chemicals in the environment were increasing children’s risks of developing behavioral, cognitive, and social disorders and contributing to the rise in cases of autism and ADHD. The TENDR statement, as it was called, included a list of the worst neurotoxins and amounted to a desperate plea for immediate action. Organophosphate pesticides, the class of chemical to which chlorpyrifos belongs, was at the top of the list.

France passes historic bill ordering cameras in all slaughterhouses

Farming as it should be…

In today's episode, Will tells the story of the beauty and benefits of regenerative agriculture. Not only will you be charmed by his southern drawl but you will also come to understand how and why he transitioned to regenerative agriculture and how you can support this movement. It begins with knowing your farmer and proceeds with making conscious decisions about what you put on your plate. A healthy diet for people begins with a healthy environment on the farm where the food was cultivated and raised.

Trump eyes ex-agrichemical exec to fill his final Cabinet post

The seed and pesticide industries would certainly have a major ally at the helm of the USDA if McKinney gets the nod.

Eager Farmer: Connecting experience, education and enthusiasm in farming

Our mission is to establish connections, kick-start partnerships and encourage healthy agricultural landscapes that span the generations.

A New Grassfed Dairy Label on the Horizon

Farmers, certifiers, and scientists collaborated to create the new standard, which could impact both consumers and the industry.

The new standard addresses a wide variety of practices, from forage protocol (exactly what grassfed cows can and cannot eat) and rules for grazing and confinement to animal health and welfare requirements like maintaining a “herd health plan” in consultation with a veterinarian. It addresses sustainability, too, requiring a “written pasture management and grazing plan that supports biological diversity, natural resources, and soil fertility,” while also giving farmers some flexibility on all points to account for impediments like weather that may affect access to pasture.

Producers do not have to be certified organic in order to receive the AGA grassfed dairy certification. Although Siemon said that “it’s a natural progression for an organic dairy farmer” and that almost all grassfed dairy farms that have joined Organic Valley’s network were operating as organic dairy farms before.

Michigan MDARD Seeks Destruction Order for 18 Oatmeal Cookies and 17 Apple Muffins

Why scientists are worried about the GMO apple and potato - 2015

Jeffrey Smith, the world's leading expert and best-selling author on the health risks of genetically modified organisms in food (GMOs) interviews Dr. Jack Heinemann.


“With the new anti-environmental Trump Administration coming in, we believe forests and the climate are going to be under attack,” explained Anne Petermann, Executive Director of Global Justice Ecology Project and International Coordinator for the Campaign to STOP GE Trees. “We expect that Trump’s USDA pick will be even worse than Obama’s. This makes the looming threat from ArborGen’s 2011 request to the USDA to sell genetically engineered eucalyptus trees even more serious. These GE trees are extremely dangerous to forests, communities and the climate, yet the USDA and ArborGen remain secret about their status.”

Petermann added, “Luke Moriarty, the CEO of ArborGen investor Rubicon, called ArborGen ‘the Monsanto of the forestry world,’ yet to date, ArborGen has not commercially sold a single GE tree. The New Zealand Herald, on the other hand, called ArborGen ‘a huge disappointment’ that is still trying to break even 15 years after it was formed.” [4] Then why has the USDA not already rejected them? How will the new Trump pick impact them? The public has the right to know.

EPA Finds Risks to Bees from Neonicotinoid Insecticides, Fails to Act Accordingly (Beyond Pesticides, January 17, 2017)

Once again, the assessments did not consider risks from exposures to contaminated water, guttation droplets, or soil, with EPA stating that, “The Agency lacks information to understand the relative importance of these other routes of exposures and/or to quantify potential risks from these other routes, and as such, they are not quantitatively assessed.” Similarly, contaminated dust, produced as a result of the planting of coated seeds, was acknowledged by the agency as a potential source of exposure and risk, as well as the cause of several bee kill incidents. However, once again the agency did not conduct an assessment for this exposure, citing stakeholder work on best management practices to reduce dust.

Federal agency fast-tracks approval of export permits for genetically modified salmon - Canada

Now CBC reports, "The Canadian Food Inspection Agency fast-tracked safety tests on eggs from genetically modified salmon in order to hit an export deadline last year, according to internal government documents. [More than 600 pages of] documents obtained under Access to Information by researcher Ken Rubin and shared with CBC News show that veterinarians working in Prince Edward Island and other inspection offices of the CFIA were under 'pressure' to get the inspections for diseases and viruses done quickly. At one point, documents suggest the CFIA got permission to jump the queue over other pending tests to speed up the process and sent batches of eggs to three federal labs across the country for testing."

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

In A Trial Against Protesters, The State Of Iowa Seeks Unusual Ban On First Amendment Defense

The bigger decision will be made before the trial: Could First Amendment arguments and evidence be precluded from a trial involving a protest? "I've been doing protest demonstration cases for 25 years, and the First Amendment is always an issue" says Martin Stolar, a New York City criminal defense who tried cases involving Occupy Wall Street and who is not involved in the Talen/Cordaro case. "It's pretty outrageous that they are trying to remove it in this case."

Citizens’ initiative aimed at banning glyphosate gets the go-ahead

Brussels has agreed to the launch of a European Citizens’ Initiative on banning glyphosate in the EU.

Meeting turns into Monsanto protest

A Pima County informational meeting turned into a Monsanto protest after dozens of people packed the Oro Valley Library to contest the company's plans to build in Pima County.

Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO's - Full Movie

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives

Documentary about the how gmo food (glyphosate) was created and the concerns to health of humans, animals and our environment. Scientists are speaking out. If you don’t know what gmo food is, you must watch this film.

Link Between Monsanto’s Roundup and Cancer?

Mike Papantonio takes on Monsanto over its Round-Up weed killer which contains a herbicide known as glyphosate, a compound found to be carcinogenic by the World Health Organization in 2015 and speaks with attorney, Robin Greenwald, about her lawsuit against Monsanto and the EPA’s role in providing cover for the agro-chemical giant for years.

“Right now our focus is on people who use Roundup in the application process, so that would be landscapers, farm workers, farmers, individuals who use it for home use…”

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Nutrition affects insect susceptibility to Bt toxins
Bermuda environment minister continues ban on glyphosate
Trump eyes ex-agrichemical exec to fill his final Cabinet post
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Is Bt cotton in India “terrific”? Or a failing, costly, weed- and pest-infested monoculture?
Native seeds sustain Brazil’s semi-arid Northeast

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Colombia restarts controversial glyphosate fumigation of coca
Glyphosate herbicides containing POE-tallowamine banned in Malta
Canada: Federal agency fast-tracks approval of export permits for GM salmon

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EU Commission registers “Ban Glyphosate” European Citizens' Initiative
MEPs want to see more glyphosate data
GM crops and herbicides: Time to reassess risk assessment methods
State of Iowa tries to remove constitutional right to free speech – apparently to protect Monsanto

Argentinian Federal Prosecutor Requests Ban on GMO Crops over Glyphosate Fears - Dec 2016

Afraid of an educated public?

Fake News 101? Lawmakers want California schools to teach students how to evaluate what they read on the web
Arty turns 11 this summer.