So far, everything the Democrats have done to Mr. Trump, has backfired, blown up in their faces, or just plain fizzled out.

And next up, President-Elect Trump's Inauguration Day Protests, January 20, 2017 Washington DC, please don't miss it.

I heard, buses from Ithaca loading with crazed liberal protest's are going down to DC for the inauguration.

And I seen somewhere else, a group of Patriot bikers, we're making a meat shield to protect President Trump, if the Police need them.

My opinion only.

What happens this next week, could be a good indicator the direction of the country.

If a group of Protecting Patriots, and a group of Protesting Liberals meet head on, it could be interesting.

It could get real funny if code pink shows up with their air force.

Luke 8:17

James 1:12