Hacking our hearts

Subversive Preacher
By Cam Miller
January 11, 2017

It has been an unnerving few weeks.

Watching Trump assemble his cabinet, with Sleasy-anne Conway smiling hostility through her lovely white teeth in front of the camera and Mad-eye Bannon hulking in the shadows behind it, evokes in me the feeling of a soft-shelled crab at a convention of hungry gulls.

We’re about to find out how resilient our democracy is, if the center will look beyond its own self-interest, and whether or not the Left has any real strength of character and capacity for willful solidarity. That is an awful lot of weight hanging from a very thin web.

Our level of vulnerability, all of us, because of the Internet, is frightening. People and organizations that know how perform identity theft, character smears, the placing of false information and data or the disappearance of the same, seem capable of doing it so at will. Meanwhile, most of us only use the keyboard as a tool to function and work. We are sitting ducks (or soft-shelled crab) with little ability to protect ourselves. It almost doesn’t matter whether it is bad guys from the Dark Web, Russians, or NASA and FBI agents doing the dirty because most ordinary people are so completely vulnerable to all of them.

Given our level of vulnerability, imagining the federal and state government as active enemy instead of protector, or even well meaning but bumbling bureaucracy, is just plain scary. I am tempted to back away from any and all social media and everything but the most essential uses of the Internet, but that would mean silence and isolation at a time when we need voices and solidarity.

One step, one day, one venture at a time.

Peace, and courage, brothers and sisters.

Cameron Miller is the author of the spiritual fiction “The Steam Room Diaries” and numerous published poems, and is publisher of www.subversivepreacher.org. He lives and writes in Geneva and serves as the priest of Trinity Episcopal Church. He can be reached at dspiritflt@gmail.com.
"Everything that has ever happened to us is there to make us stronger."
-John Trudell