Glyphosate has been found in vaccines by Drs. Stephanie Seneff and Anthony Samsel. So, for your information... (see note below)

Pro Vax or Anti Vax, we all have a right to know, the right to decide which medical procedures we want or don't want for ourselves and our children. We have a right to see the information on those inserts and the right to know that if we are damaged by the product, that we cannot sue the manufacturer.

Today is THE DAY!

Episode One will air tonight starting at 6pm PST! You will have 24hrs to view the entire episode. Today will feature the Godfather of the Vaccine Freedom Movement Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Gary Goldman and Dr. Toni Bark.

The Biggest Public Health Experiment...Ever - Your kids are already a part of the experiment...and you’re next.

9-part online docu-series - January 10th launch.

For those of you following this thread, fyi, I asked Dr. Seneff recently why Glyphosate Six (Glyphosate in Vaccines) had not been published yet. It was expected to come out in October. She told me that it is still being reviewed, that it is very controversial. I'll post it when I get word of it's publication.
Arty turns 11 this summer.