Trump's apologists oozing with typically lame deflections.

"Deny it." whistle

Former Trump campaign manager and incoming White House counselor Kellyanne Conway offered a very specific suggestion for Meryl Streep during a CNN appearance.

Conway told CNN's Chris Cuomo she thinks it's "great" that Streep wants to give a platform about the disabled.

"But seriously speaking, why didn't she use that platform to talk about the mentally challenged boy that was tortured on live streaming Facebook, by four young African-American adults in Chicago?" Conway asked Cuomo.

"Because one was done by a bunch of miscreants, the other was done by the President-elect of the United States," Cuomo shot back.

Conway disagreed.

"You're really going to equate the two?" she asked, though she was the one who brought up both scenarios.

But Cuomo wouldn't budge.

"One of them was a crime. There's no controversy over that," he said of the Chicago teens charged with the hate crime. "We know who did it, they don't deny doing it, if they do, it doesn't matter."

Cuomo also explained that the entire controversy over Trump mocking disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski could have been avoided had the President-elect simply apologized.

"He can [deny] it a million [times]," Cuomo told Conway. "Look at the video."

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"Everything that has ever happened to us is there to make us stronger."
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