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It appears the the GOP has the inability to predict facts and everything takes an extremely different outcome.

Not only the GOP, but the DNC, could use a good old fashion upgrade of their prediction equipment... ask Ms.Clinton, she knows.

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Only a idiot would attempt to assess a president's success before said person enters office and more so lets wait until they reach that monumental first 100 days.

Glade your on board.

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lastly we all understand the fact that dysfunctions on your part somehow fails to correct the so many wrongs on Trump's end.

Who's we?

Are you part of some sort of collective?

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Kinda like having sewer department employee attempting to explain the operations of nuclear fission....please understand, if he/she were so educated,why are they working in the sewer?

You mean like...Union janitor at a Sewer plant vs the Union janitor at a Nuclear Power plant?
Luke 8:17

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