Monsanto shareholders approve Bayer's $57 billion takeover

Genetically modified pineapples that are pink on the inside are safe, according to FDA

On Wednesday, the Food and Drug Administration ruled that Del Monte is authorized to sell genetically engineered pineapples which have pink flesh, NBC News reported. The modified fruits have a sweeter taste and a pinkish color thanks to lycopene, a colorful pigment naturally found in tomatoes and watermelon. They'll be grown in Costa Rica.

GM Watch

Cancer questions, controversy and chorus at US EPA glyphosate meetings

NE China province to ban GM crops

Many studies on GM are biased because of author’s links to companies

Glyphosate panel split on chemical's carcinogenicity

Farmers are abandoning traditional ploughing – without GMOs

Pakistan: Uncertified GM seeds being sold without any check

Trevor Butterworth spins science for industry

Denmark Intends To Be The World’s FIRST 100% Organic Nation

In the 57-point document drafted by Økologiplan Danmark, it is explained that the aim is to double the agricultural land cultivated with organic methods by 2020. The Organic Action Plan for Denmark explains that the land belonging to the government will be cultivated using organic and biodynamic methods, and independent, small-scale farmers will also receive the finances and support to transform their own crops to be 100% organic (livestock included). Money will also be allotted to developing new technologies and ideas capable of promoting growth.

Monsanto Tribunal supporters

As you know, the various testimonies, experts' and scientists' contributions provided the Judges with very dense information to process. In order to do exhaustive and thorough work that will be useful to civil society and will make international law progress, the Judges need extra time to deliver their legal opinion. The legal opinion will be announced in April 2017 instead of in December 2016 as previously mentioned.

Report Finds EPA “Sugarcoating” Effects of Hazardous Neonic Seed Coatings

(Beyond Pesticides, December 13, 2016) Net Loss, a new report released by the Center for Food Safety (CFS), indicates the use of neonicotinoid-coated seeds is exactly that, an economic drain for farmers that only results in the indiscriminate poisoning for non-target wildlife, such as pollinators. The report is a follow up to a 2014 report, Heavy Costs: Weighing the Value of Neonicotinoid Insecticides in Agriculture, which concluded that neonic seeds bring greater costs than benefits to farmers. Later that year, a study published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which looks specifically at the economic value of neonic coated soybeans, made similar determinations –insecticide seed coating provide little or no overall benefit in controlling insects or improving yield or quality.

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Argentina: “United Republic of Soybeans” and agribusiness under challenge

Fighting corporate seeds in South Asia

European Patent Office reined in

Canada’s new food labels won’t include GMO information

Serious scrutiny needed as EPA seeks input on cancer ties to Monsanto herbicide

EPA, don't cave under Monsanto's pressure

With increasing public scrutiny on the potential health harms of glyphosate, Monsanto is pulling out all the stops to exonerate its flagship herbicide — including attacking the credibility of scientists reviewing glyphosate for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Speak up! Sign the petition and join us in urging the agency to stand up to Monsanto — and follow independent science.;utm_medium=fb

National Health Billboard Campaign Continues by Moms Across America

Bt Toxin Kills Human Kidney Cells - 2012

Cry1Ab biopesticide kills human cells at low doses as does Roundup herbicide Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji


Serious scrutiny needed as EPA seeks input on cancer ties to Monsanto herbicide

The glyphosate geeks are gathering in Washington this week. After a two-month delay, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is holding four days of meetings aimed at examining the evidence that does or does not tie the world’s most widely used herbicide — glyphosate — to cancer.

Scientists, activists and agricultural industry leaders are all expected to show up to either defend or attack the chemical that is currently at the center of international controversy. More than 250,000 public comments have been filed with the EPA ahead of the Dec. 13-16 meetings, and the agency is girding for more than 10 hours of personally delivered public comments before a specially appointed scientific advisory panel gets down to work.

Nutrition and Disease – Interview with Professor Don Huber – Part 2

Don: I feel very strongly that this is the greatest hoax that has ever been perpetuated in the history of man and I feel sure that, in years to come, we will look back in amazement at our blind stupidity. It has been all about failed promises and flawed science. It was sold to us on the basis that it would solve world hunger, help counter climate change and improve the finances of farmers. It has failed on every front.

Don: It has been a difficult piece of research to pursue and several of the labs I have enlisted have had to withdraw their services. They came under intense pressure due to their involvement. My research began with investigating a major increase in miscarriage in pigs, cattle, goats, sheep and horses. The owners of stillborn 4-million-dollar foals wanted answers. We checked nutrition and mycotoxins and other obvious things, but there were no answers. A vet friend was diligent and kept on looking. He decided to look at some tissue under an electron microscope in the search for physiological clues. He consistently found an entity that is smaller than a small virus. It was about 20 nanometers and it was definitely not a virus. He only ever found this entity in the placenta or amniotic fluid of an aborted fetus. He wondered if there was a link to the animal feed and he checked. Sure enough the Roundup Ready soybeans were just loaded with the stuff. About the same time, I was involved in researching an explosion in Goss's wilt in corn, in the Midwest. There were different symptoms than we had even seen before, and we checked the tissue with the electron microscope. It, too, was loaded with this entity and there was more of the entity wherever the new symptoms were most pronounced.

Part 1

Don: According to new data released by highly credentialed scientist, Dr Anthony Samsel, they knew about it right back in 1981. It would be a good idea for your readers to check out the interview with this researcher on It's a real eye opener. The only reason the WHO report concluded that it was a “probable” rather than a definite carcinogen was because the research has been constantly stifled.

Autism Explained Synergistic Poisoning from Aluminum and Glyphosate, by Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Dr. Stephanie Seneff - The Connections Between Glyphosate and Autism, Parkinson’s ALS, and Other Conditions - Episode 41 - 12/7/16

Dr. Stephanie Seneff Explains How Glyphosate Ends Up in Our Proteins

Seneff: “I collaborated with three other researchers to publish a new paper on glyphosate and ALS. I believe we have worked out a clear pathway by which glyphosate causes ALS, after several decades of low-dose exposure that eventually accumulates in muscles and motor neurons to ultimately result in catastrophic effects. It has to do mainly with glyphosate substituting for glycine by mistake during protein synthesis. I believe this pathological mechanism easily explains the strong correlations we're seeing with glyphosate usage on core crops and a long list of debilitating diseases currently alarmingly on the rise.”


Seneff: “An amazing study! GMO Roundup-Ready corn is definitively NOT substantially equivalent and it produces allergenic proteins.”

New Study Shows Major Molecular Differences between GMO and Non-GMO Corn

“Our study clearly shows that the GM transformation process results in profound compositional differences in NK603, demonstrating that this GMO corn is not substantially equivalent to its non-GMO counterpart. The marked increase in putrescine and especially cadaverine is a concern since these substances are potentially toxic, being reported as enhancers of the effects of histamine, thus heightening allergic reactions, and both have been implicated in the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines with nitrite in meat products. Our results call for a more thorough evaluation of the safety of NK603 corn consumption on a long-term basis.” Dr. Antoniou stated.

The Big Lie: Monsanto and the New York Times

Maine Calling - GMOs

We speak with Shetterly about what she discovered while researching the pros and cons of GMOs, and what it's like for a woman to try to pierce the traditionally male-dominated field of scientific research.

Gut Microbiota Regulate Motor Deficits and Neuroinflammation in a Model of Parkinson’s Disease

Documentaries About Gmo (Watch Genetic Roulette) - GMO 101

The movies everyone should watch to understand what is going on with our food supply and Genetically Engineered crops in the USA and other countries.
Arty turns 11 this summer.