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EPA and FDA: Do Your Job and Stop Monsanto from Poisoning Us!

The EPA was planning on holding a hearing on glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup, Oct. 18-21. After activists made plans to travel to Washington DC and attend the hearing, the EPA abruptly cancelled the panel. Sign the petition and tell the EPA and the FDA to promptly reschedule and act to end the use of this toxic chemical.

Deformities, Infertility, Disease: The Real Cost of Using GMO Animal Feed

Within a day or two of switching to non-GM soy feed, the diarrhea stopped (which had killed several of his pigs in the past), the pigs became calmer and the sows began producing more milk–and that was just the start of the changes he would observe in his pigs. In one month he noticed that the older sows which had never achieved and weaned more than 10 to 11 piglets per liter were suddenly weaning 14 strong pigs. He also found that the sows were in heat again in a shorter amount of time and ready to be inseminated. When they were fed the GMO soy, it would take several more days for them to be in heat–which would always result in fewer pigs the next time. The sows being fed the non-GMO soy were having fewer abortions and had a higher conception rate. Pedersen further observed more deformities in his pigs that were fed GM soy. His pigs also had more ulcers which he attributes to their consumption of GM feed.
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