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The colleges are not to blame for the increased rate of poverty in Geneva. Possibly the higher tax rate, but definitely not the poverty.

local newspaper had an article relating to a study that showed middle income home buyers chose to locate out of the city when looking for a home to buy

a depressed housing market allows investors to buy homes cheap and then rent out the homes until the homes are no longer habitable

the investor walks away from the home after making their profits and then the city is left to tear down the home further putting downward pressure on home values and taking more properties (value) off the tax rolls

when the home is tore down then the city loses property taxes, sales taxes % from the county, water/sewer fees, spending power without a family living in that home...

homes near the college that are student housing create neighborhoods where families do not want to buy a home or live in that area to raise their children

further depressing the home values in those areas

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What would Geneva look like without the colleges?

canandaigua, victor, farmington...

hws spent the last 18 years expanding their campus and taking large portions off the tax rolls

look back 20 years ago and see how the tax rates were much lower compared to the overall budget

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the colleges probably should contribute more to basic infrastructure projects within the city.


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The city will be undertaking the paving of Pulteney Street between Hamilton and St. Clair. The colleges are the major and almost exclusive beneficiary of that stretch of roadway.

paving, new sidewalks, water, sewer and other major upgrades
$9 million to be bonded out for

hws should pay to widen the street for parking on both sides

parking on the east side of south main should be eliminated for college use and be moved to the new wider pulteney st

students crossing on south main st to get to their parked cars on the east side of the street creates a major safety issue with the large volume of traffic in that area and a heavy presence of large trucks

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I understand the colleges offered to buy the property from the city

believe the newspaper stated hws would get a grant if the city turned over ownership to hws

little money out of hws pocket

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Nevertheless, it would be nice to see the colleges step up and contribute to the repaving project.

believe hws saved $2 million on interest for a $40 million loan they financed when 'partnered' with the city to get hws a lower interest rate

have hws use the $2 million in savings to help with the $9 million street upgrade

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it seems like the decent thing to do.

president gearan has had 18 years to do the decent thing and assist the city/taxpayers

how about the tax exempt properties pay for all city services for the next 18 years and see if it turns around the city for the better grin

homeowners would have money to improve their homes, spent at local businesses, home values would increase and middle income buyers would move back into the city