Tony Mitra

"This being the fifth, there are also the previsous four papers on different aspects of Glyphosate, all are showing how the chemical is dangerous to our biology.

Far as I know, science journals when they have articles peer reveiewed, do not let the original author or anybody in public know the names of people who peer reveiws the papers. The author only gets notifications of texts, sections or sentences that have not been accepted by the review process and the reason. If the author is able to redo the paper to their satisfaction, then the paper is published, if not, it is rejected.

Samsel stands out at being the very first among all scientists, to draw our attention to the fact that Glyphosate is a different kind of killer chemical and pure toxicological test does not do it justice. The chemical does not have high acute toxicity, and therefore has been approved by EPA. However, it has this unique property of being an analog of (mimic of) glycine, an amino acid that is part of a building block of all life. Therefore, when an organism such as a human, needs to create cells or other structures to replenish dead or damaged ones, it picks up some of the amino acids from our food, which circulates in our blood stream. Due to Glyphosate being an analog of Glycine, it is mistakenly picked up by our body, assuming it to be glycine, and thus our RNA takes it and reconstructs complex structures/cells that to go into various parts of our body, where they create new proteins that we need. Unfortunately, Glyphsoate does not behave like Glycine and ends up creating trunkated, misfolded or defective proteins, which in turn triggers illnesses of diseases of a vast variety, depending on where in our body it happens to be.

This behavior of Glyphosate was not known, and therefore not recognized by either Monsanto or EPA or other scientists, and hence it has been ignored for decades. But not any more.

Samsel has gotten hold of tens of thousands of pages of hitherto sealed safety tests done on Glyphosate by makers such as Monsanto and DuPont through a legal understanding with EPA, and has been revisiting the test data and finds evidence of his claims, which forms the basis of his papers.

He has has one serious meeting with EPA already, sort of educating them of how this amino acid analog of glycine can enter our body where it should not, and harm living creatures, bypassing our immune system, and how the safety test results provide the proof of it, if one looks at the right place.

EPA has recently started calling GLyphosate an amino acid, instead of just a herbicide, which is a major improvement.

They are scheduled to have a serious four day internal meeting in the next few months, to discuss this issue. It is possible that they will allow Anthony Samsel to participate in that meeting, perhaps electronically from long distance, to answer questions or clarify any confusion etc.

Meanwhile, if you google "Glyphosate pathways to modern diseases" you should find increasing mention/links of these studies and papers published on some of the social media such as from Dr. Mercola etc.

This is sort of breaking news. The pro-GMO and pesticide sections of the academia and scientific body are not happy with this topic, because their bread is buttered on the reverse side. There is a usual tendencey, therefore, to avoid engaging in the actual topic, and instead badmouth and discredit the messenger, or the scientist. This is also happening to Samsel, to an extent.

Also, scientists such as Seralini finds the toxicity of the combined package of RoundUp herbicide to be more toxic than just Glyphosate, justifiably. His supporters would like the focus to remain there, and not be side tracked by new findings where Glyphosate alone can do slow but steady and serious harm to living creatures by being absorbed into our biology in place of Glycine.

Thus, competition and jealousy also clouds up science research.

The latest bombshell to come is from the sixth paper, which is not yet peer reviewed and will take a while to get published, but whose supporting data is already making waves - various popular vaccines are contaminated with glyphosate. Therefore, once we know how glyphosate is a pathway to diseases, it can explain how these vaccines can cause a plethora of diseases for allowing glyphosate to be injected into us through those vaccines. Anthony samsel did not find evidence of that from existing safety tests on Glyphosate. Rather, he collected vast samples of these popular vaccines and got them tested by multiple labs in USA for presence of Glyphosate, and found, as he suspected, to be largely contaminated by it."
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