This morning, I was delighted to come to the forums to find a thank you note from a reader. These few thank you's I get mean a lot to me as it's hard to keep doing this. It's just copy and paste, I know, but I read most of this stuff and it's very time consuming and a lot of it is a real downer. I try not to feel hopeless and for the love of my family and the children being poisoned by their food without their parent's knowledge, I will continue on. MissingArty.

Glyphosate Pretending to be Glycine: Devastating Consequences

..." Monsanto, has assured us that glyphosate is nearly nontoxic to humans. This is blatantly untrue. Glyphosate's toxicity is insidious, and it comes about mainly because glyphosate is a synthetic amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. When you replace glycine, an amino acid, with glyphosate, a synthetic amino acid, in a protein, often the protein no longer works as intended. Sometimes it can't be broken down and it accumulates in the brain, causing neurological disease. Other times, it is inactivated as an enzyme or it can't attach to a membrane. Glyphosate also pretends to be glycine at glycine receptors. Glycine is a neurotransmitter, but glyphosate fools the receptor and then doesn't behave as expected. This wreaks havoc on human physiology in multiple ways, leading to a nearly complete explanation for the strong correlations between the rise in glyphosate usage on crops and the increased incidence in a host of chronic modern diseases, including diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, ALS, adrenal insufficiency, anemia, spina bifida and autism. In this talk, I will try to keep the scientific jargon as simple as possible, while presenting an amazing story about biochemistry gone awry. "...

MIT Scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s home page

Bayer Loses Fight With EPA, Will Stop US Sales of Insecticide

German chemicals and pharmaceuticals giant Bayer AG has lost a battle with the Environmental Protection Agency over flubendiamide, an insecticide used on about 200 crops in 49 states.

Attorney General Will Not Enforce GE Food Labeling Law, Will Advocate For Clear On-Package Labels

‘Dark Act’ won’t truly label GMO’s - 5 minutes

Independent food and agriculture consultant Elizabeth Kucinich joins RT America’s Lindsay France to discuss the law, which she claims “won’t truly label GMO’s.”

Citrus Production Increases with Reduced Inputs

Among other things, Page greatly reduced herbicide use and now controls weeds primarily by discing and chopping. He believes the discing incorporates organic matter into the soil.

“We actually made a profit last year,” Page said. “Not everybody can say that … It makes me wonder, if we can maintain them (trees) long enough, can they acquire, within themselves, some sort of immunity to the disease (HLB)?”

WOMAN CRIES After Seeing How Easily Our Votes Are Stolen By Electronic Voting Machines [VIDEO]

“There are people out there who are giving their lives trying to make our elections secure and they’re being called conspiracy theorists and technophobes. And these vendors are lying and saying ‘that everything’s alright’ and it’s not alright. It’s as though our country is one country and pretending to be another country. How can this be happening in our elections?”


...Perhaps the biggest slap in the face for the handful of diehard ACS supporters left after their recent press release can be found on the organization’s corporate support page. The ACS webpage, containing the statement “gratefully acknowledging those many corporations who actively support its mission” pays homage to their contributors who annually donate. Among those corporate contributors listed are none other than HPV vaccine manufacturer Merck & Co [annual contribution of $250K-$499,99]. Other contributors to ACS’s mission include Pfizer [annual contributions of $250K-$499,99], Eli Lilly and Company [annual contributions of $250K-$499,99], Bristol Myers Squibb Company [annual contributions of $250K-$499,99], Johnson & Johnson [annual contributions of $250K-$499,999], Celegene [annual contributions of $250K-$499,000], Genetech [annual contributions of $500K-$999,999]. Of notable mention are ACS’s corporate sponsors Lockheed Martin Co [annual contributions of $500K-$999,999] and Northrop Grumman [annual contributions of $250K-$499,999]. Why are makers of military arms and equipment major supporters and contributors to the American Cancer Society?

THE “NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED” SEAL - Helping you make informed shopping decisions

The verification seal indicates that the product bearing the seal has gone through our verification process. Our verification is an assurance that a product has been produced according to consensus-based best practices for GMO avoidance:

Organic Standards - USDA

Feral 'Roundup Ready' GM alfalfa goes wild in US West

A USDA study shows that a GM alfalfa has gone wild in alfalfa-growing parts of the West. This may explain GMO contamination incidents that have cost US growers and exporters millions of dollars - and it exposes the failure of USDA's 'coexistence' policy for GMOs and traditional crops.


Advocates Consider Suing to Restore Vermont GMO Law

What’s On My Food?

What’s On My Food? is a searchable database designed to make the public problem of pesticide exposure visible and more understandable.

How does this tool work? We link pesticide food residue data with the toxicology for each chemical, making this information easily searchable for the first time.

Use the tool, share it with others: we built it to help move the public conversation about pesticides into an arena where you don’t have to be an expert to participate.

We Don’t Need Genetically Modified Foods – Agyin Asare


Well, add toxic oil wastewater to that list, because that’s what is being used to irrigate California crops.

Ban Hospital Food CarciNOgens

USDA: Beekeepers Lost 44% of Honey Bee Colonies Last Year

On Tuesday the Bee Informed Partnership, in collaboration with the Apiary Inspectors of America and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), released its annual report on honey bee losses in the U.S. Beekeepers reported losing 44 percent of their total number of colonies managed over the last year—close to the highest annual loss in the past six years. These losses are considered too high to be sustainable for U.S. agriculture and the beekeeping industry.

WOMAN CRIES After Seeing How Easily Our Votes Are Stolen By Electronic Voting Machines [VIDEO]

“There are people out there who are giving their lives trying to make our elections secure and they’re being called conspiracy theorists and technophobes. And these vendors are lying and saying ‘that everything’s alright’ and it’s not alright. It’s as though our country is one country and pretending to be another country. How can this be happening in our elections?”

Is the Hidden Viral Gene Safe? GMO Regulators Fail to Convince

Having unwittingly allowed a viral gene into the food chain, the response of regulators so far has been to release statements intended to allay public concerns. These statements, however, are inadequate to meet a potentially major food crisis. Not only do they fail to address important issues but they are also scientifically questionable even within their chosen frame of reference.

Carrageenan: New Studies Reinforce Link to Inflammation, Cancer, and Diabetes

Research links carrageenan to gastrointestinal inflammation, including higher rates of colon cancer, in laboratory animals. Yet it is still found in many foods, including some certified organic foods.

Please sign this letter asking the Big Food companies that had already started labeling for Vermont's GMO labeling law -- eg, Campbells, Mars, General Mills, PepsiCo -- to continue to label their products despite the passage of the DARK Act! Thank you to Consumers Union for putting this together!…

Indian farmers turn to non-GMO indigenous seed, in blow to Monsanto

Illegal dicamba use damages soybeans, threat of spread outside ag

US State Dept employee confirms GMO golden rice is Trojan Horse crop

A couple of years ago we met with an employee of the US State Department who sat down to talk to us about the benefits of GMO crops for farmers and consumers in the Global South. We asked about whether or not farmers would have to pay a technology fee and purchase the Golden Rice seed each year. He said the companies that own the patents would be willing to make the Golden Rice and virus-resistant cassava available at no cost if the countries involved would be willing to adopt US patent regimens to protect other GMO crops. From a policy perspective, that raises the question of whether these crops are being developed as a humanitarian gesture or a means to ensure the profits of the companies who hold the patents.

Monsanto’s GMO dicamba-tolerant soybeans lead to spray damage of farmers’ crops

Japan defers Western white wheat purchases until new test in place

Japan has deferred new purchases of Western white wheat until a validated test is in place for the genetically engineered wheat under investigation in Washington state, a U.S. Wheat Associates spokesman says.

The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is investigating 22 genetically engineered wheat plants found in a fallow field in Washington state.

Poisoned Fields - Glyphosate, the underrated risk?

AquaBounty Starts AquAdvantage Salmon Trials in Brazil, Argentina

Plaintiffs File Motion to Consolidate Roundup Cancer Lawsuits Against Monsanto

Monsanto’s Superweeds Saga Is Only Getting Worse

As NPR reports, a scourge of superweeds that have become resistant to glyphosate is plaguing soybean farmers in parts of Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri. They’re not alone. This graph from the International Survey of Herbicide Resistant Weeds shows how the number of unique cases of herbicide resistance in weeds in the U.S. shoots off like a rocket in the years following Monsanto’s introduction of Roundup Ready GMO seed in the mid-1990s


Our mission:

1) Provide an accurate, updated, and free reference on GMO science, ethics, and policy during a period of intense scientific and academic corruption. This reference is intended for all, yet aimed at students at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels. See our GMO Course.

2) Spark and grow a student-led revolution intent on ending corporate agriculture's anti-science presence in our universities. Example: end Monsanto's detrimental presence at Cornell University. See our activism.

3) In place of distractive, fad GMO solutions, promote safe, sound, and scientifically sane modalities of growing enough food, feeding everyone, and collectively healing the damage we have collectively done to our planet Earth. See our next steps.

How Monsanto And Scofflaw Farmers Hurt Soybeans In Arkansas

There was just one hitch in the plan. A very big hitch, as it turned out. The Environmental Protection Agency has not yet approved the new dicamba weedkiller that Monsanto created for farmers to spray on its new dicamba-resistant crops. That new formulation of dicamba, according to Monsanto, has been formulated so that it won't vaporize as easily, and won't be as likely to harm neighboring crops. If the EPA approves the new weedkiller, it may impose restrictions on how and when the chemical may be used.

How to Know Your Food Freedom Rights

Driscoll's Workers Call for Global Boycott over Alleged Abuses at World's Biggest Berry Distributor

Florida Begins Aerial Spraying Campaign of insecticides to control Zika over the cities

Hunza – The Only People In The World Without Cancer!

Argentina’s City of Death: Toxic Weed Killer Causing Cancer, Miscarriages

"In 2009, Andres Carrasco, the Argentine researcher and the president of CONICET (National Scientific and Technical Research Council), found out that a large concentration of this substance has a toxic effect on amphibian embryos and, consequently, on human embryos. Carrasco claimed that it might provoke various kinds of abnormalities and abortions. This is exactly what is happening now in Monte Maíz and other cities where the substance is sprayed," Vicente said.

On The Organic Trade Association’s Betrayal Of The Movement For Mandatory GMO Labeling

Congress can help young farmers succeed


Are Glyphosate Laden Poisoned Proteins Being Made in Our Bodies?

It could explain the cases of rare diseases such as microcephaly that certain people want to connect with Zika Virus even though we have not had one confirmed case were it has proven to be the cause.

Areas where microcephaly has happened were heavily sprayed with pesticides including Roundup. In Brazil Genetically Modified mosquitoes were also released. Another case in Washington State had a cluster of extremely rare anencephaly where babies are born with NO BRAIN. There was a large amount of Roundup used around waterways to control weeds in the immediate area.


Petition Calls on EPA to Require Pesticide Companies to Disclose Data on Chemical Mixtures. Agency Has Approved Nearly 100 Pesticide Products Without Accounting for Dangers of Synergistic Effects

GMOs lead the fight against Zika, Ebola and the next unknown pandemic

"But living cells must make proteins to survive, and they can be coaxed to produce medical proteins in bulk, requiring little more than the DNA instructions and SUGARY BROTH as fuel. Since these genetic blueprints must be inserted into the cells, many vaccines and drugs are technically the product of GMOs."

Seneff: “That sugary broth likely contains glyphosate and the GMO microbe that's producing the drug is likely incorporating that glyphosate (as a glycine analogue) into the drug/vaccine protein that's being manufactured by the microbe. Quite a nightmare scenario, in my opinion!”

Cancer Patients File for Coordinated US Lawsuit against Monsanto’s Roundup

The motion was filed with the JPML on Wednesday. In it, the plaintiffs cited more than 20 similar cases pending in courts across the country.

Seneff: “Huge numbers of research dollars are being spent trying to find drugs that reduce either the tau plaque or the amyloid beta plaque that show up in Alzheimers' brains. The money is being wasted! The true problem is what creates those misfolded proteins in the first place, and my view is that glyphosate substituting for glycine during protein synthesis is a key factor. Anthony Samsel and I talk about this in our newest paper: Glyphosate pathways to modern diseases V: Amino acid analogue of glycine in diverse proteins. You can find a link to this paper on the web.”

Promising Alzheimer’s treatment flops in new trial, crushing hopes

New video of lecture Dr. Stephen Frantz gave recently on glyphosate - 26 minutes

Researchers Study Roundup as Possible Cause of Harmful Algal Blooms

“Our research is finding that Roundup is getting into the watershed at peak farming application times, particularly in the spring,” McKay explains. Their work has shown that glyphosate cannot be detected in the lake in April but can be found from mid-May through July, after crops are planted, which corresponds to the forming of the Dead Zone. They have also discovered that the blue-green algae, also known as cyanobacteria, are capable of using phosophonates.

“It turns out that many cyanobacteria present in Lake Erie have the genes allowing the uptake of phosphonates, and these cyanobacteria can grow using glyphosate and other phosphonates as a sole source of phosphorus,” Bullerjahn says.

The Chilling History of Monsanto’s Rise to Power

Did Roundup Kill Jack McCall?

As farms keep getting bigger and more mechanized, rural income inequality grows

Farms that once generated wealth for entire communities are now creating a new class of superfarms, which are concentrating wealth and income at the top,' creating a new class divide in rural areas, Patrick Jonsson reports for the Christian Science Monitor.

What most people think of as family farms don’t exist in large numbers anymore, but what exists are large family businesses … in the $3 to $5 million range' of annual revenue, David Peters, a rural sociologist at Iowa State University, told Jonsson.....

Those who have traditionally performed jobs on the farm are left out of any sort of share in the wealth that’s being produced.

Amid Zika Scare, FDA Clears Way for GMO Mosquito Trial in Florida

Opponents warn that "the impact could be irreversible... Allowing uncontrollable genetically altered life forms into the wild is not justified."

2015 - Former US Marine Demands GMO Ban After Curing Health Problems By Going Organic

Why Big Pharma Wants to Switch Billions of Farm Animals to Vaccines From Antibiotics

The Top 5 things you and your friends should know about Jill Stein

4.) Jill Stein will rein in the evil agricultural corporation Monsanto and regulate GMOs.

Jill believes we should label GMOs, so we KNOW what we are putting into our bodies. She will put a moratorium on GMOs and pesticides until they are proven safe.

As president, Jill will support organic and regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and sustainable forestry. She will invest in clean air, water, food and soil for everyone. She will clean up America and enact stronger environmental justice laws.

This means that a Stein administration will go the extra mile to ensure that low-income and communities of color are not disproportionately impacted by harmful pollution. She will do all she can to support America's conversion to sustainable, nontoxic materials and the use of closed-loop, zero waste processes in industry.
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