Video Project Gives Kids a Voice in the Debate on GMOs

The landscape of childhood has changed in America, and other countries are asking our children to talk about it.

There is something bitter sweet in a new campaign launched in the UK that is calling on American kids to tell their food stories. Our generation of American kids is the first raised on unlabeled, genetically engineered foods. Our kids are also the first to be called “Generation Rx” and the first to have 1 in 13 in their cohort with a food allergy, 1 in 10 with asthma, 1 in 68 with autism, more with ADHD and diabetes and classmates where cancer as the leading cause of death by disease. In other words, they are the first where EpiPens, insulin pumps, ADHD and other meds are part of every classroom.

And they are being asked to share their stories with kids around the world, as seen in the announcement below:

A note from scientist Anthony Samsel of USA - 4/26/16

Thanks Tony,

You are doing a stellar job, getting attention drawn to this issue not only in Canada, but here in the US too. Keep this in mind when addressing the issue before Canadian authorities. ….. I hope they give in and release the documents, however, the US EPA has not opened the files, because they would have to open the files on all pesticides, herbicides and fungicides declared TRADE SECRET. Glyphosate is just the tip of the iceberg.

Glyphosate ester, Isopropylamine glyphosate and the salts: Potassium glyphosate, Sodium glyphosate and the Ammonium glyphosates, have NEVER been long-term CHRONICALLY tested. Thus, all registrations are based on false assumptions of safety…. you may quote me …. This whole thing is a sham and they know it …

I will be meeting with the EPA and others in June about glyphosate, it should prove very interesting when I lay it on the line to them …

Our new paper Glyphosate Pathways to Modern Diseases V: Amino Acid Analogue of Glycine in Diverse Proteins has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication. It will appear in the June issue of the Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry. I believe this paper is a game changer. I think one of the highlights from this paper are my findings about glyphosate’s connection to Cataracts and Alzheimer’s disease. The beta amyloid plaques that form cataracts and brain plaques have been determined to be IDENTICAL ……. I finally get to present a strong case against cataracts found in Monsanto’s Trade Secret papers and Alzheimer’s. Stephanie was blown away when I sent her this evidence and supporting papers … I find this material very compelling

Here’s a little tease from the new paper these are a few selected paragraphs from these sections of text ::::

5.2 Alzheimer's Disease, Prions and Amyloid-beta

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, accounting for 60% to 80% of all cases [189]. Worldwide, the prevalence of dementia was more than 35 million in 2010, and
projections are predicting more than 65 million by 2030 and 115 million by 2050 [190]. The incidence of Alzheimer's disease is increasing at an alarming rate in the United States, in step
with the dramatic rise in the use of glyphosate on corn, soy and wheat crops [30]. A is now well established as a causal factor in Alzheimer's disease, although the mechanism of toxicity remains controversial [191]. The Amyloid beta that accumulates in the Alzheimer's brain consists of deposited insoluble fibrillar components, monomers, and soluble oligomers, the latter being
the most toxic form. The levels of the monomer and the deposited precipitates are orders of magnitude greater than the levels of the toxic soluble oligomers, which are known to cause both acute synaptotoxicity and neurodegeneration [190]. …………..

5.3 Cataracts and Alzheimer's Disease

Crystallin is the dominant protein found in the lens of the eye. Cataract formation is the result of amyloid protein aggregation from crystallins, which results in insoluble beta amyloid deposits in the lens [213]. Postmortem studies on Alzheimer's patients revealed
that Amyloid beta is also present in the cytosol of cells from the lenses of people with Alzheimer's disease and that it is associated with cataracts [214]. In fact, amyloid plaques in cataracts and in the brain in Alzheimers patients were identical. Furthermore, B-Crystallin is found in association with brain plaques and brillary tangles in Alzheimer's disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob, and Parkinson's diseases. ……….

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given these cataract risk factors linked to defective crystallin, Monsanto's own early rodent studies found a link between glyphosate exposure and cataract formation [29]. Monsantos 1990 Stout and Ruecker chronic rat exposure study found significant incidence of y-sutures and other opthalmic degenerative lens changes caused by glyphosate. The pathologist for the study, Dr. Lionel Rubin, noted in his ophthalmoscopic
examination report that: "There appears to be a dose-related occurrence of cataract affecting male group M3. The type of cataract affecting this group is the diffuse posterior sub-capsular type and to a lesser extent, anterior polar and sutural types.” Displacement of pupils and ocular opacities in the presence of glyphosate were also noted in 1983 by Knezevich and Hogan [29].

Warm regards, Anthony

Tony Mitra has been working on the Canadian Government to disclose safety test records of glyphosate... China has taken notice.

Don’t Let Congress Give Your Money to Monsanto!

Remember the Monsanto Protection Act? Well, Monsanto’s minions in Congress have a new one for you: The Monsanto Promotion Act.

Now that the IRS has filled the government’s coffers, Congress gets to decide how to spend your hard-earned money.

TAKE ACTION! Ask your Member of Congress and Senators to remove the Monsanto Promotion Act. Tell them you don’t want your taxes to be spent on corporate welfare or industry propaganda, especially not to promote Monsanto’s GMOs!

Thousands of US Farms Switch to Organic as Demand Continues to Boom

Costco’s CEO, Craig Jelinek, says that the way things are now, the company simply can’t keep up with the demand for organic food, which is why the company is offering to ‘help’ farmers. Though this bodes well for organics overall, it could put small family farms in the crosshairs of big business again, which hasn’t been an auspicious enterprise for organic farmers thus far.

Moms sound warning against commonly used herbicide

She’s asking the EPA to ban glyphosates. Moms Across America, a group she founded three years ago, has generated nearly 60,000 signatures on an online petition in only one week demanding the EPA revoke glyphosate’s license.

“Forty years ago, we did not use this chemical. We’ve been maintaining landscapes and gardens for thousands of years without toxic chemicals. We don’t need it,” she said.

Can Cuba Supply America’s Growing Appetite for Organic Food?

National Health Billboard Campaign Targeting Senate Ag and HELP Committee Home States

She continued, “Our intention is to reach millions of American consumers and our policy makers. We targeted the capitals of the home states of the Senate Ag and HELP Committed members, who make the decisions about whether to subsidize organic or label GMOs. We want them to support health, safety and honest labeling.”

Since the inception of Moms Across America 3 years ago, Honeycutt and her organization have received hundreds of testimonials from their supporters sharing how grateful they are that they learned about GMOs and related pesticides, describing the health improvements in detail.

Congratulations to these Seneca County Farmers...

Tim and Sarah Hayes, owners of Autumn's Harvest Farm. They've been raising grassfed animals for sometime now, but were recently certified grassfed by the Animal Welfare Approved (AWA). Stop by their facebook page and congratulate them.

If you haven't tried their meat, stop by their store on McDuffie Townline Road in Romulus on Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Seasoned farm and store professional, Smitty, will greet you with a smile and will happily assist you.


Also, not confirmed but I heard through the grapevine that a HUGE SENECA COUNTY FARMER who will start growing non gmo seed this year. Farmers are very likely making the switch or adding non gmo crops to the list of the crops they grow due to the amount of money they can make.

Please support your local organic non gmo farmers:

Autumn's Harvest Farm in Romulus
Blackbrook Farm in Seneca Falls
Felenz Family Farm in Phelps

You can also find more organic food at Aldi's, Tops, Wegmans and of course my favorite store, Trader Joe's.

Lakeview Organic Grain

GMO Fraud: Your Food, Your Health, Your Government – Guest: Attorney Steven Druker

Author of the Newly Released and Riveting book, ‘Altered Genes, Twisted Truth-How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public.‘ Atty. Druker is the founder of the Alliance for Bio-Integrity speaks openly about his lawsuit against the FDA & uncovering thousands of documents about GMO products hidden from the American public. Learn about the blatant dereliction of duty by our nation’s premier ‘watchdog‘ agency–the FDA. Riveting lessons and detective work from a public interest attorney devoted to truth, transparency, and the public good!

Scotts Miracle Gro’s To Eliminate Neonics in Ortho Brand (Beyond Pesticides, April 18, 2016)

Major pesticide manufacturer Scotts Miracle Gro announced on Tuesday that it will immediately being phasing out neonicotinoid insecticides, including imidacloprid, clothianidin, and dinotefuran from its outdoor-use Ortho brand by 2017. Neonicotinoids (neonics) have consistently been implicated as a major contributing factor in pollinator declines. They can cause changes in bee reproduction, navigation, and foraging, and even the suppression of bee immune systems. In its press release, the Ortho brand announced that it was partnering with Pollinator Stewardship Council to help educate homeowners on the “safe and appropriate use of pesticides.”

Keegan-Filion switching to non-GMO feed; warns meat prices will rise

If a cow eats genetically modified feed, should its milk be labeled as GMO?

Nexium And Prilosec Causing Massive Health Problems, Including Kidney Failure - Thom and Papp, 3 minute video

Thai people’s networks oppose opening to GMOs in Thailand

In the end, on 15 Dec 2015, the military government, represented by the Prime Minister, made a public announcement that the consideration of the GMO bill had been suspended.

Hidden Dangers to our Health - Interview with Research Scientist Stephanie Seneff

'Increasing number of deaths due to glyphosate'

The pesticide glyphosate is used worldwide, also on soybean and cotton plantations in Argentina. It's causing more cases of cancer, miscarriage and deformation there, says pediatrician Ávila Vázquez.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Nutritionally-enhanced GM crops? Too bad about the deformed butterflies

It looked like such a good idea: take the pressure off wild fish stocks by growing GM oilseeds that produce health-enhancing long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, writes Claire Robinson. But as a new study has established, those fish oils, novel in terrestrial ecosystems, cause wing deformities in cabbage white butterflies. Yet a third open field trial of these GM crops could soon be under way.

Europe bans two endocrine-disrupting weedkillers

Govt stops sale of GM corn seeds as pressure builds

Did you know that over 137 million pounds of Roundup/Glyphosate sprayed chemicals are sprayed in the USA every year?

Sobering Fact: The Top Investors for Both Facebook and Monsanto are Virtually Identical

On this episode of the G and Coletti show we got to speak with 16 year old activist Rachel Parent. She recently returned from Monsanto Headquarters where she was able to ask Hugh Grant, their CEO some really important questions. We get into many of the topics associated with standing up for what you believe in and the "Right to Know" movement.

Glyphosate Testing Revolution – The New Science

Monsanto Ordered To Pay $93 Million For Poisoning Residents With Agent Orange

Nestlé Removes GMO Ingredients from Top Ice Cream Brands

It's okay, Cornell, you can say it doesn't contain gmo. We know what kosher means.

Cornell Dairy receives all clear to go kosher

Interesting new technology -- potential to detect glyphosate's presence in food at the grocery store!!

Moms Across America addresses the widespread contamination of glyphosate in our food supply and asks the NOSB to take action!

Don't allow GMOs to go untested and unlabelled. Sign the petition!

City of Milwaukie, OR Passes Resolution to Protect Pollinators (Beyond Pesticides, April 25, 2016)

Last week, the City Council of Milwaukie, Oregon passed a resolution that halts the use of bee-toxic neonicotinoid insecticides on city government and public property, joining the growing number of local governments protecting pollinators. Neonicotinoids (neonics) have been widely cited in the demise of both managed and wild bee and pollinator populations. The resolution specifically restricts city government agencies from purchasing plants and seeds that have been treated with neonicotinoids and other systemic insecticides and urges public and private landscapers and homeowners to plant bee-friendly habitats. Clackamas County will join with the Mayor’s office and City Council of Milwaukie to adopt an Integrated Pest Management Plan that mirrors the resolution.

World-famous scientist issues warning about genetically modified vaccines

Why The Hell Is March Against Monsanto Talking About Vaccines?

Why Are These Male Fish Growing Eggs?

Corn: It's Everything

What happens to all that corn grown by Iowa farmers? Much of the corn grown by Iowa farmers becomes livestock feed and ethanol fuel, or is exported as value-added products.

But that’s not all. Corn is in everything

Mexico Ready to Ship More Sugar to U.S. as Buyers Snub Beets

Guess what?! Strawberry pesticides are in the air.

Occupational Glyphosate and Sun Exposure Linked to Increase in Skin Cancer

Dr. Jonathan Lundgren: USDA Whistleblower

50 Billionaires Receive $6.3 Million in Federal Farm Subsidies

Fifty members of the Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans—banking tycoon David Rockefeller Sr., Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, stockbroker Charles Schwab and dozens of other billionaires—received at least $6.3 million in farm subsidies between 1995 and 2014, according to an Environmental Working Group (EWG) analysis. And these fat cats likely received even more subsidies through the federal crop insurance program.

Understanding the Effects of Chemical Fertilizers

Monsanto’s Evil Twin: Disturbing Facts About the Fertilizer Industry

Here’s a list of underreported facts that raise disturbing environmental and regulatory questions about Monsanto’s Evil Twin—the chemical fertilizer industry.

Lawn care affects human health

Once applied, chemicals last on lawns for three to five weeks and collect in our homes, in the carpets, and furniture where it is difficult to remove. The first to be infected are children, pets and other wildlife.

I Wouldn’t Feed This Stuff To A Dying Animal” – Terminal Hospice Patient Exposes Ensure Drinks…

But really what people who consume Ensure are actually getting is a product that is filled with preservatives and chemicals, produced by a major supporter of the pro-GMO Grocery Manufacturers Association. To date, Abbott Nutrition has spent nearly a million dollars to fight GMO labelling in the U.S.

Organic diet cuts pesticide exposure in children, UC Berkeley study finds

Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer?

Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE) is hiring in their Syracuse office.

Fibroids anyone?

Endocrine Disruptors Lead to Female Reproductive Disorders Costing Billions (Beyond Pesticides, April 26, 2016)

A study published last month finds that exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC) plays an important role in the development of certain female reproductive disorders, and ultimately results in significant economic costs to society. The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology &nMetabolism, and authorized by a team of scientists from New York University School of Medicine and Washington State University’s School of Molecular Biosciences, looked at the monetary impact of EDC-attributed female reproductive disorders in the European Union (EU). This economic valuation is part of series of analyses undertaken by the research team, which determined last year that over €150 billion ($162 billion) in yearly health care costs in the EU are attributable to the loss of brain function induced by EDCs.

Boulder County In Colorado To Phase Out GMO Crops

Our Latest Ad In The Hill Asks Congress: “Are millions suffering needlessly because the EPA hid the dangers of Roundup?”

The Farmer's Share Of The Retail Dollar

Follow the National Organic Standards Board Meeting in Washington, DC #NOSB

You can also stay updated throughout the meeting right here

US state of Vermont seeks documents on GMOs from seed, food companies

Vermont’s attorney general has asked a federal court to force big seed and food companies to turn over internal research on genetically modified crops, escalating a legal battle as the state defends its law requiring labels for GMO ingredients.
Arty turns 10 this summer.