Senate Blocks the DARK Act (for now…)!

Thanks to an outpouring of public outrage, the Senate has voted against a bill introduced by Senator Roberts that would keep us all in the DARK about what we’re eating. We are grateful to all the Senators who voted against cloture on the DARK Act today and stood up to represent the will of the people. We are thankful that the rules of the US Senate delayed consideration of the “Dark Act” until a proposal that is fair to consumers is on the table. We must continue to speak out because this is far from over!

Consumers have made it clear. Ninety percent of Americans want GMOs labeled on the package. Sixty four other nations have figured out how to effectively label GMOs without disrupting their food supply or increasing food costs. We are certain the federal government and the US economy can achieve the same success. Special interest talk of the “wrecking ball” heading for the US economy and its $82 billion cost has no credibility.


"The DARK Act was voted down on the Senate floor today 49 No to 48 Yes (they needed 60 Yes votes to move it forward)! Thanks to everyone who made calls to their Senators!!! Both Gillibrand and Schumer voted No! While we know industry will keep pushing Congress to pass some version of the DARK Act, today's victory is huge for us and a testament to how strong the GMO labeling movement has become in the US! People Power kicked ass today!!!"

Vermont Hospital Removes GMO Food From Menu

‘Monsanto Rider’ Would Shield Chemical Giant From Liability for Injuries Caused by PCBs in Public Schools - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. | March 15, 2016

The New York Times reported last month that Congressional Republicans have clandestinely inserted a provision into the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) reauthorization bill that will give Monsanto permanent immunity from liability for injuries caused by its toxic polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The long awaited and grievously needed bill is now in the Conference Committee for reconciliation with a companion Senate bill. The so-called “Monsanto Rider” would shield the chemical colossus from thousands of lawsuits by cities, towns, school districts and individuals, who have been injured by exposure to PCBs.

Tampons with Glyphosate: Underpinnings of Modern Period Problems?

Floating around the internet in recent weeks was an announcement from Argentinian researchers who, quite by accident, found that sterile women’s health products were anything but sterile. It turns out that cotton grown from genetically modified cotton seeds and sprayed with glyphosate (RoundUp and other herbicides) across the growth cycle, retain, and likely leach, glyphosate from the products that the cotton is spun into. It should not be a surprise that those cotton-based products retain the chemicals from which they were grown or processed, but it was. Not because the idea is far-fetched, it isn’t. Indeed, it is biologically more likely that these chemicals are retained than it is that they somehow would magically disappear post processing. What was surprising is that we never thought about this before.

When we consider that 89% of cotton crops are now genetically modified to be glyphosate tolerant, the implications of glyphosate transfer from what are considered sterile medical and hygiene products directly into the bloodstream of the users should give us pause. Heck, it should have given us pause many years ago, but it didn’t and wouldn’t yet if it were not for some accidental finding in a lab studying something else entirely. This accident speaks volumes about how thoroughly we test, or rather, do not test, many of the products we have on the market. It is precisely this lack of testing and lack of understanding that leads to the preponderance of chronic health conditions from which so many in the Western world suffer.

GMA Found Guilty of $11 Million Cover Up in GMO Labeling FightBelgian Regional Ministers Set to Ban Glyphosate Herbicides

In a decision made public late Friday, a Thurston County Superior Court judge ruled the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association violated Washington campaign finance disclosure laws by shielding the identities of major corporate donors funding efforts to defeat a food labeling initiative in Washington.

Regional environment ministers in the Brussels and Wallonia jurisdictions in Belgium have said they will ban glyphosate – a pesticide which some say probably causes cancer and whose EU stamp of approval is up for renewal.

GMO Labeling in NYS: An Introduction

GMO Labeling in NYS: The Cost to Consumers

Advocate group heads to Albany to push for labeling of foods containing GMOs

Crop Insurance to Ensure Diversity

The Battle Over the Most Used Herbicide Heats Up as Nearly 100 Scientists Weigh In

Several powerful agencies have recently disagreed about the health effects of glyphosate. Now, an independent group of scientists says the herbicide is probably carcinogenic.

General Mills speeds up timeline to help increase organic ingredients

The company says it will double acreage devoted to organic food by 2019.

“Muzzled” USDA Scientist to Speak at National Pesticide Forum

(Beyond Pesticides, March 10, 2016) Jonathan Lundgren, Ph.D., a top U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) entomologist who received a prestigious national award for civic courage for his work on neonicotinoids and pollinator decline in the face of agency attempts to suppress his work, will be speaking at Cultivating Community and Environmental Health, the 34th National Pesticide Forum, April 15-16, 2016 in Portland, ME. Dr. Lundgren will join other top scientists and leaders who have stood up to protect human and environmental health, despite facing industry backlash and scientific suppression. His story was recently featured in Sunday’s The Washington Post Magazine, Was a USDA Scientist Muzzled Because of His Bee Research, as censorship of federal scientists has grown.

What Hillary Said 40 Seconds Into This Video Should Put Anyone Who Cares About Organic on Notice

Is GMO Corn Causing the “Leaky Gut” Epidemic?

Smith believes Bt is also poking holes in human intestines, allowing the toxin – and, in severe cases, particles of food – into the blood stream, which might explain why some children these days are “allergic to everything.”

Tell Congress: We Deserve To Know. Label GMO Food!

Seed Savers Exchange deposits seeds at Svalbard

Seed Savers Exchange (SSE) recently deposited 627,596 seeds, from 435 plant varieties, at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway.

How “extreme levels” of Roundup in food became the industry norm

All of the individual samples of GM-soya contained residues of both glyphosate and AMPA, on average 9.0 mg/kg. This amount is greater than is typical for many vitamins. In contrast, no sample from the conventional or the organic soybeans showed residues of these chemicals (click here for chart: Figure 1).

This demonstrates that Roundup Ready GM-soybeans sprayed during the growing season take up and accumulate glyphosate and AMPA.

Philippine Government Approves Revised GM Regulations

This development is expected to lift the temporary ban on research, field testing, commercialization, and importation of GM crops and biotech products in the country brought about by the Supreme Court decision which was met with criticisms from the scientific and academic community, farmer groups, traders, food and feed processors, and livestock producers as well as disappointment from farmers who are looking forward to better quality GM seeds, particularly the insect resistant Bt talong (eggplant), the field trials of which were permanently stopped by the high court.

Kathie Arnold, Farmer of the Year 2016: Keynote Address, NOFA-NY Winter Conference

Check out this video of NOFA-NY's 2016 Farmer of the Year Kathie Arnold giving a keynote speech at the Winter Conference.

DuPont Plucks a Top USDA Official to Lead "Government Affairs Strategies"

Why Is Glyphosate Sprayed on Crops Right Before Harvest?

Is GMO Corn Causing the “Leaky Gut” Epidemic?

EPA Moves to Cancel Toxic Pesticide It Allowed without Complete Review, Manufacturer, Bayer, Reneges on Agreement to Take Product Off Market

(Washington, DC, March 1, 2016) After pesticide manufacturer Bayer CropScience would not voluntarily remove from the market the insecticide flubendiamide, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) formally issued a Notice of Intent to Cancel the insecticide, citing its high toxicity to aquatic organisms. Bayer is embroiled in controversy over its neonicotinoid insecticides because, as systemic pesticides, they move through the entire plant and express the poison through pollen and nectar, indiscriminately killing bees and other pollinators and polluting waterways. Flubendiamide, a benzenedicarboxamide pesticide, is “locally systemic” within the plant’s leaves. EPA’s action today may take years of regulatory review and legal action while the pesticide remains on the market.

FDA Announces Comment Period for Draft Environmental Assessment for Genetically Engineered Mosquito

Report Calls for Improved Pesticide Regulation and Assessment on Kauai, Hawai’i

(Beyond Pesticides, March 14, 2016) According to a draft version of a report commissioned by Hawaii and Kauai County, Hawaii should dramatically improve its regulation of pesticide use and study its impacts, which the state legislature has repeatedly refused to consider. Unsurprisingly, agrichemical companies that produce genetically engineered (GE) seeds criticized the new government report, saying

Scientists attribute rising methane levels to agriculture

Pictures of Mutated Japanese Plants Show Extreme Effects of Leaking Fukushima Radiation

The Great GMO Cover-Up By Institute for Responsible Technology - March 15, 2016 - 09:05 PM

Ted Cruz goes all-in for Monsanto; insults tens of millions of health-conscious Americans by calling them 'anti science zealots'

Learn more:

Bernie Sanders on Animal Welfare

Transgenic maize will not be sown in Mexico

On 8 March, a court headed by Judge Benjamín Soto Sánchez notified via an appeal sentence to the Mexican Agriculture Department (Sagarpa) that they are not allowed to grant release or cultivation permissions for transgenic maize until the collective trial promoted by scientists, specialists and farmers is definitively resolved.

Sanders Celebrates as GMO Labeling Dark Act is Blocked in US Senate

“I am pleased that Congress stood up to the demands of Monsanto and other multi-national food industry corporations and rejected this outrageous bill. Today’s vote was a victory for the American people over corporate interests."

Centre sticks to stand, to cut Bt cotton price 70%

Study Finds Bee’s Pollination Skills Impaired by Pesticides

(Beyond Pesticides, March 16, 2016) Another study, this time from researchers at the University of Guelph, finds that at very low levels the neonicotinoid pesticide thiamethoxam affects the foraging behavior of bumble bees, changing their floral preferences, hindering their ability to learn and extract nectar and pollen. This study is one of many that detail the negative effects of pesticides on bees’ learning behavior and ability to pollinate essential crops. Pesticides, like the neonicotinoid class of insecticides, have been implicated in the global decline of pollinator populations, while advocates call for limiting pesticide exposures to reverse population declines.

Why Didn't An Illinois Professor Have To Disclose GMO Funding?

“At least [Chassy] should have had the courage to say, ‘Well, look, I get some funding from Monsanto.’ But instead he’s pretending to be a neutral, independent scientist.”

GMO Labeling in NYS: State Laws and the Right to Know

Editor's note: This is the fourth (and final) part in a weeklong series about GMO Labeling in NYS. Read parts one, two, and three.

USDA clears mildew-resistant biotech wheat

Wheat that's genetically engineered to better withstand powdery mildew can be commercialized without undergoing USDA's deregulatory process for biotech crops.

Reposting FYI: From July 15, 2015 GMO Free News Segment...

"When chemicals are mixed with other chemicals often there is synergistic effects unknown consequences...

Nobody's using organic feed stock...

...both Seralini and i have shown that their controls are contaminated...

They added in so that any results that showed that glyphosate caused a particular type of cancer or affect, was zeroed out and so that is how they were able to tell the EPA that glyphosate is harmless by the use of historical controls. That practice needs to be banned in science.

The industry doesn't want this discussed. The government doesn't want this discussed. The Obama Administration, the Bush Administration, they were promoting biotechnology, this is part of this country's economic engine and when you start treading on people's toes in this area, you are interfering with vast fortunes that are being developed.

They had the EPA seal those documents so that no one would ever revisit them and look at the hard evidence."

At 1:02:00: Regarding spraying non-gmo crops (non gmo corn)

"...and I'm looking at the changes that the herbicide induces in the plant itself, and glyphosate herbicide, all the herbicides for that matter, induce changes in the dies, but in the process of dying it also changes its chemistry...and so I have a result that shows how glyphosate influences the mineral composition of the non gm corn in the death state, so if you go through and dessicate a crop, spray a crop prior to harvest, that's not a genetically engineered crop, you're changing it's mineral content, its fatty acid content and its vitamin content. You're altering it. So these things are going into our diet as well. I mean when they spray wheat or they spray barley or oates, they're crossing changes in the food itself. It's like microwaving your food. It's unhealthy to microwave your food because it changes the chemical structure of the food. That's why the Russians banned microwave ovens...when you start messing with fatty acids you can make a food unhealthy to eat...if they are out of balance, it's going to become inflamatory to your biology and I've seen this in some of the genetically engineered varieties."

Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Samsel...July 5, 2015...

"Monsanto knew in 1981."

"I believed all the hype like all the other farmers and people around the world...that glyphosate is safe as salt, and that it broke down into harmless chemicals that did no harm. I believed all that stuff until I started studying the chemical... "

"This is like scientific misconduct."
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