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Co-Formulants in Glyphosate-Based Herbicides Disrupt Aromatase Activity in Human Cells below Toxic Levels

Published: 26 February 2016


Pesticide formulations contain declared active ingredients and co-formulants presented as inert and confidential compounds. We tested the endocrine disruption of co-formulants in six glyphosate-based herbicides (GBH), the most used pesticides worldwide. All co-formulants and formulations were comparably cytotoxic well below the agricultural dilution of 1% (18–2000 times for co-formulants, 8–141 times for formulations), and not the declared active ingredient glyphosate (G) alone. The endocrine-disrupting effects of all these compounds were measured on aromatase activity, a key enzyme in the balance of sex hormones, below the toxicity threshold. Aromatase activity was decreased both by the co-formulants alone (polyethoxylated tallow amine—POEA and alkyl polyglucoside—APG) and by the formulations, from concentrations 800 times lower than the agricultural dilutions; while G exerted an effect only at 1/3 of the agricultural dilution. It was demonstrated for the first time that endocrine disruption by GBH could not only be due to the declared active ingredient but also to co-formulants. These results could explain numerous in vivo results with GBHs not seen with G alone; moreover, they challenge the relevance of the acceptable daily intake (ADI) value for GBHs exposures, currently calculated from toxicity tests of the declared active ingredient alone.

Summary of Seralini's new paper...

New research shows regulatory “safe” limits for glyphosate may not be safe at all

Monsanto Given Legal Shield in a Chemical Safety Bill

“The House bill specifically exempts PCBs,” ensuring that protection from lawsuits would continue “after the passage of the new law,” the lawyer argued, even though the provision remained locked in negotiation.

The House provision is now drawing protests from local officials suing Monsanto to try to recover costs associated with PCB cleanups, and from lawyers who are trying to collect damages for individuals with health problems linked to PCB exposure, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“Taxpayers and public entities would be left holding the bag to pay hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions of dollars cleaning up Monsanto’s PCBs,” said John Fiske, one of the lawyers representing the six cities suing to collect money from the company to help cover cleanup costs. Monsanto has not yet argued that the cities are barred from suing, but Mr. Fiske says he is certain that if the legislation passes, the company will make that argument.

Co-formulants of glyphosate herbicides are endocrine disruptors

This new study, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, demonstrates for the first time that the endocrine-disrupting effects of glyphosate-based herbicides are not only attributable to glyphosate, the declared active ingredient, but above all to the co-formulants.

Petition - Stop Monsanto's Dream Bill!

6 critical graphics showing who owns all the major brands in the world

It's no secret that many of the companies in the world are owned by just a handful of mega-corporations. This information fittingly makes people worried. Though being such a large company is not inherently evil, the power that often comes with it exceeds that which any one entity should have.

Check out these exceptional infographics to see how so few corporations own so many companies.

First up, food manufacturers. Just 10 corporations own well over 100 companies.

Remember Monsanto's RBGH (bovine growth hormone) in the 90's? Bernie Sanders in 1994 fighting to get RBGH labelled. Today, he has got gmo labelling passed in Vermont and he is fighting for states to have the right to have gmo foods labelled.

Uzbekistan President Announces Ban on GMOs in Baby Food

Karimov made the announcement as part of the government program named Year of Healthy Mother and Child. According to the program, Uzbekistan plans to amend the law on quality and food safety, thus prohibiting GMOs in baby food.

Uzbekistan will also adopt measures to restrict the import and consumption of all products containing GMOs. Uzbekistan may soon also be added to the growing list of countries around the World which officially prohibit the cultivation of GM crops, according to anonymous sources in the country’s scientific community.

Organic diet cuts pesticide exposure in children, UC Berkeley study finds

BASF to refocus plant biotechnology research

Research and field sites in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; Ames, Iowa; Berlin and Limburgerhof, Germany; Ghent, Belgium; and Brazil will be kept but are planned to be reduced in size. The field testing sites in Kekaha, Hawaii, as well as the sites in India and Puerto Rico will be closed. The restructuring is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

A Bad Effort in Congress to Thwart States on Food Labels

Tell the EPA: Ban bee-killing pesticides

The Amish Farmers Reinventing Organic Agriculture

Morin: What did your chemical rep say when you told him that you didn’t need his services anymore?

Zook: Well, that was an interesting summer. He used to come here every week telling me horror stories about all the diseases in the neighborhood. But, I had made up my made up my mind, “No mas.” He came back every week for eight weeks telling me what I needed to spray. I said, “I’m fine, thanks.” The last time he was here, we were out picking tomatoes and he walked over. He was looking around and talking about this and that, and he didn’t even mention pesticides. “Well,” he said, “your tomatoes look pretty good.” I thought, “Yes!”

Open Sesame - The Story of Seeds trailer

Vandana Shiva: Make Monsanto Pay

India’s laws, rightly, do not permit patents on seeds and in agriculture. This has always been a problem for Monsanto and, through the U.S. administration, it has attempted to pressure India into changing her robust intellectual property regime since the World Trade Organization came into existence and continues to do so today.

Scalia's Death Prompts Dow to Settle Suits for $835 Million

Tell the EPA to Ban Belt;z00m=27470613

Full Length Research Paper Published: 26 November 2014

Addressing the issue of horizontal gene transfer from a diet containing genetically modified components into rat tissues

Take a look at New York State...

Glyphosate Annual Pesticide Use Maps 1992 - 2011 Animated

The Centrality of Seed: Building Agricultural Resilience Through Plant Breeding

Major pullout from GM by BASF

Company halves biotech workforce, closes test sites in Hawaii, India, and Puerto Rico, cuts GMO portfolio

Bill Clinton Says Going Vegan May Have Saved His Life

“I take blood tests often," he reportedly told Dougan, adding that he would be entirely vegan, "But [my doctor] asked me to eat organic salmon once a week."

Seed firms accused of neglecting female farmers

The report found that only three of the 17 global seed companies it studied have programmes that explicitly seek to take into account “women farmers’ input”.

Women look for specific characteristics in their seeds and plants that men might be less aware of, says Coosje Hoogendoorn, head of research at the Access to Seeds Foundation, which aims to bridge the gap between major seed firms and smallholder farmers, and which wrote the report.

For example, women prefer vegetables that can be cooked fast and grains that take less time to pound into flour, Hoogendoorn says.

“This might be something that men will not be thinking about so much,” she says. But if seeds are easier to grind, it frees up time for women to do other things. “If women have more time for their farm, it helps them move out of poverty and become entrepreneurs,” she says.

At 35:00 minutes this French news station does extensive coverage on Roundup/glyphosate and birth defects.

English translation in comments.

The seeds have a green coating (toxic). The seeds are specially produced to be planted with glyphosate. We use glyphosate, but it is like overusing antibiotics, and the weeds become resistant. So we have to apply more glyphosate and more or stronger chemicals. The next level will include the ingredients of Agent Orange- and the effect of this mix on people is unknown. It is forbidden right now in France.

In the state of Chaco- in 1995, before the massive arrival of glyphosate, there were 6 centers for handicapped, now there are almost 50- 20 years later.

Marissa Gutman: The neurological problems of these children are grave, we can only try to make them comfortable. I have always worked with handicapped kids, but what we see today is an abysmal increase in rates, coming from regions where there is a lot of agriculture- fumigation.

Concerns over use of glyphosate-based herbicides and risks associated with exposures: a consensus statement - 17 February 2016

We conclude that: (1) GBHs are the most heavily applied herbicide in the world and usage continues to rise; (2) Worldwide, GBHs often contaminate drinking water sources, precipitation, and air, especially in agricultural regions; (3) The half-life of glyphosate in water and soil is longer than previously recognized; (4) Glyphosate and its metabolites are widely present in the global soybean supply; (5) Human exposures to GBHs are rising; (6) Glyphosate is now authoritatively classified as a probable human carcinogen; (7) Regulatory estimates of tolerable daily intakes for glyphosate in the United States and European Union are based on outdated science. We offer a series of recommendations related to the need for new investments in epidemiological studies, biomonitoring, and toxicology studies that draw on the principles of endocrinology to determine whether the effects of GBHs are due to endocrine disrupting activities. We suggest that common commercial formulations of GBHs should be prioritized for inclusion in government-led toxicology testing programs such as the U.S. National Toxicology Program, as well as for biomonitoring as conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Susan G. Komen claims organic food is unsafe while pushing KFC chicken buckets and alcohol on women - 2015

"Shouldn't an organization aimed to fight cancer be more aware of these types of things? Perhaps they are aware and they're just ignoring it? After all, how would they make $55 million from companies producing synthetic products if everybody started eating organic food?"

Learn more:

Monsanto Pays $80 Million to Settle Roundup Fraud Case

Monsanto Co will pay $80 million to settle civil accounting violations after it allegedly misstated its earnings in connection with its top-selling Roundup product, U.S. securities regulators said on Tuesday.

Portuguese Medical Association President Calls for Global Ban on Glyphosate

The President of the Portuguese Medical Association, José Manuel Silva, has called for a Global ban on the World’s most used herbicide, Glyphosate, over the many health concerns surrounding the chemical.

Soybeans and Corn over Microbial and GMO Contamination

Russia has dealt a huge blow to U.S. farmers, after banning all imports of U.S. soybeans and corn due to microbial and GMO contamination, the country’s food safety regulator Rosselkhoznadzor announced on Thursday. The ban will come in to place on February 15.

“Restrictions will be imposed on imports starting from February 15,” Assistant Director of the Rosselkhoznadzor, Alexey Alekseenko, said Thursday, adding that “they (the US) have to establish a system to ensure safety of products imported to Russia.”

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