A new film from Germany, in English, about glyphosate. A must see for every food consumer and farmer.


Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America in Sydney, Australia in March 2015. 30 minutes

"I'm not a scientist and I'm not a doctor. I'm an expert Mom. I'm the expert of my children. You're your children's expert. If you're not a parent, you are your expert."

"A concerned Mom does better research than the FBI."

"Gmo's are a chemical delivery system to humans."

"Upstate New York tested .33 for Glyphosate in the water - 3X higher than allowed in Europe."

"Glyphosate stayes viable in dark salty water for up to 351 days, does not biodegrade like they say it does, this has been proven so when I went in front of the Monsanto Shareholder meeting this past January and spoke to them about their products harming our children on behalf of mothers, I said to them what is in our womb? Dark salty water and what is the size of a fetus? It's the size of a shrimp."


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