Activists' proposals rejected by Monsanto shareholders

Dr. Seneff: "Hmmm. ! Smoking gun! Nitrates in the water due to agricultural run-off. Combine this with glyphosate contamination in the air, water, and food and you have excess nitrous oxide in the blood due to impaired ability of the microbes to fixate nitrogen into organic matter. I've written about this in my published papers. Combine this with impaired folate synthesis by the gut microbes (because folate is a product of the shikimate pathway which glyphosate disrupts and because glyphosate preferentially kills the beneficial microbes that synthesize folate for the host) so you have deficiencies in folate, linked to neural tube defects. Nitrous oxide converts cobalamin (B12) into a form that is irreversibly inactive. So you have deficiencies in both B12 and folate, both of which are essential for the 1-carbon metabolism pathway that is a direct hit on neural tube defects. Voila!"

Good primer and reminder on recombinant bovine growth hormone and what it does to milk..rBGH was never approved by Health Canada, thanks to chief regulator Shiv Chopra and his colleagues, but the stuff is coming in through the backdoor via free trade deals with the US where it is approved?

Head of Hawaii Department of Agriculture tells Maui Citizens he will request the Pesticide Spraying Logs of Monsanto

Maui resident and mother of three, Deb Mader once again, informed Senator Baker and Scott Enright about Monsanto violating the labeling of Penncap-M, a nerve agent that was banned as of 12/31/13. Something Ms. Mader had reported, in person, to Roz Baker back in March 2015. Several other pesticide violations were also mentioned and Mr. Enright promised the crowd that Monsanto spray logs would be requested by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, if the community requested it in writing. (Ms. Mader sent in a request as soon as she got home.)

This robot kills weeds, and could end the need for herbicides on farms

According to Popular Mechanics, the robot can identify targets with such speed, it’s almost impossible to see how quickly it can pound weeds into the earth.

Denmark is on its way to becoming an organic country

Plus, the Danish government is working in multiple ways to convert the entire country’s agriculture into organic and sustainable farming. Last year, they released an ambitious, 67-point plan to double organic farming, and to serve more organic food in the nation’s public institutions by 2020.

Bhutan is a challenger!

Bhutan could be world's first wholly organic nation within a decade

10 Favorite Organic Food Makers That Are Now Owned by Huge Corporations

With that in mind here is a list of 10 organic favorites you may not know were bought out by huge corporations:

Pictures taken in areas of South America dedicated to the cultivation of GM Roundup-Ready soy

PLEASE NOTE: SOME OF THESE IMAGES ARE EXTREMELY DISTRESSING. They were forwarded to us by doctors, scientists, activists, and victims of spraying in the affected countries who agreed to their publication in the interests of educating the European public about the effects of GM soy cultivation.

The 1 Horrifying Thing Monsanto and Bayer Don’t Want You to Know About GMO Fruit

The ‘Natural’ Food Label Is A Lie, And Most Customers Have No Idea

Labeling of genetically modified foods draws a packed house to committee

Supporters at a packed, all-day committee hearing Tuesday said the proposed law would provide necessary information to consumers, some drawing parallels to the state’s Right-to-Know Law regarding government records and meetings.

Organic agriculture: deeply rooted in science and ecology

Organic agriculture: deeply rooted in science and ecology

Veterinary Feed Directive will impact whole livestock industry, but many aren't aware of the regulation

The directive was created to limit the use of antibiotics only for disease treatment, control and prevention, rather than for growth or maintenance purposes, Gabel said.

No More Exposés in North Carolina

None has gone as far as North Carolina, where a new law that took effect Jan. 1 aims to silence whistle-blowers not just at agricultural facilities, but at all workplaces in the state. That includes, among others, nursing homes, day care centers, and veterans’ facilities.

Dr. Seneff: "Glyphosate takes part of the blame for the appearance of superbugs resistant to all antibiotics. Glyphosate is a patented antimicrobial agent, and it has been shown that, when E coli are exposed to glyphosate chronically at low doses, they develop a resistance gene that gives them resistance to multiple other antibiotics. There's no reason to believe other bugs wouldn't be able to do the same thing. E coli used a very generic mechanism in the study."

A Scary New Superbug Gene Has Reached at Least 19 Countries

Colistin is what doctors give you in the U.S. when nothing else works. Because it’s toxic, it can have some harmful side effects, but colistin can help defeat infections that shrug off every other antibiotic in their arsenal. If bacteria resist everything, including colistin, you're out of luck.

I asked him how worried we should be. "I don’t want to be a fearmonger,” he said, but the November paper "sort of ruined my Thanksgiving."

Petaluma group fights pesticides in city parks

After a showing of public concern, Petaluma officials have opted to take a closer look at policies surrounding pesticide use on city property, including traffic medians, fence lines, tree basins and pathway edges in parks and trails, and potentially make changes.

A handful of residents asked the city to stop using pesticides including glyphosate, found in RoundUp and other weed control products, at a meeting last week of the Recreation, Parks and Music Commission. The residents cited larger public health concerns, including a 2015 report from the World Health Organization’s cancer research agency labeling glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

Letter Urges EU Health Commissioner to STOP Re-Approval of Glyphosate Herbicide

Fixing Our Broken Food System: The Plate of the Union Initiative

Join us in calling for presidential leadership to ensure healthy, affordable, sustainable, food for all

Got GOTS? What is the Global Organic Textile Standard?

City of St. Paul, MN Acts to Protect Pollinators

(Beyond Pesticides, February 1, 2016) Last Wednesday, the city council of St. Paul, MN adopted a resolution to make the city more pollinator friendly by banning bee-toxic neonicotinoids and other pesticides “proven to be harmful to pollinators” and require an updating of its Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, prioritizing non-chemical methods. The resolution recognizes that its authority to restrict pesticide use on private land has been preempted by the State of Minnesota and then directs the city to encourage property owners within its jurisdiction to practice pollinator stewardship.

Voted to BAN GMO Labeling & Deny Your Right To Know What You’re Eating

What Pompeo isn’t telling you, and in fact is deliberately covering up, is that Americans overwhelmingly support GMO labeling (we’re talking in the 90th percentile); you can view proof of that support here, here and here.

Pompeo, who has likely been paid VERY well by Big Food lobbyists to spearhead this initiative, has made it his mission to make sure that you and your family continue eating foods made from crops that are genetically engineered to withstand high doses of Monsanto’s Roundup, which by the way, its primary ingredient, glyphosate, was labeled as being “probably” carcinogenic to humans by the World Health Organization last spring.

Burkina Faso calls time on Monsanto's GM cotton, demands $280m damages

After a run of low quality GM cotton crops with unusually short fibres, Burkina Faso has ended its love affair with Monsanto's Bt cotton, writes Claire Robinson. In a further blow to the company, growers are demanding $280 million compensation for their losses.

Monsanto's glyphosate now most heavily used weed-killer in history, study says

A paper published Feb. 2, 2016 in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Sciences Europe reports that 18.9 billion pounds (8.6 billion kilograms) of glyphosate have been used globally. Glyphosate use has risen almost 15-fold since so-called "Roundup Ready" genetically engineered crops were introduced in 1996.

Enough glyphosate was applied in 2014 to spray over three-quarters of a pound of glyphosate active ingredient on every harvested acre of cropland in the U.S., and remarkably, almost one-half pound per acre on all cropland worldwide (0.53 kilogram/hectare).

These 3 Women Attend Monsanto’s Annual Shareholder Meeting Demanding Answers

“Our loved ones are getting sick and dying at alarming rates,” Temple said at the shareholder meeting. “We find however that our families’ health improves when they eat organic to avoid GMOs and toxic chemicals.”

In fact, Moms Across America posted this billboard in west St. Louis County, Missouri, in Creve Coeur, near Monsanto headquarters, stating just that:

Grain Millers Inc. firm on glyphosate-treated oats ban

Monsanto Shareholder Meeting 2016

Thanks to John Harrington of Harrington Investments, I was also going to be standing in front of the CEO of the most hated corporation on the planet. Hello. But I was in great company. Beth Savitt of the SHAKA Movement from Maui, representing As You Sow, and Rachel Parent of Kids Right to Know from Canada, representing a contact through Moms Across America and Food Integrity Now, three generations of international advocates would be there with me. There IS strength in numbers. Had I been alone, I felt I might have crumbled under the enormity of the task before me. When we arrived, three security cars pulled along side our vehicle. I thought it was a bit overkill. We walked in unity into the Monsanto building, tensions high but feeling supported and strong. We were assigned our "handlers" as soon as we checked in and were offered refreshments.

GMO/Monsanto Buyout Rumors Untrue

Stop the insanity! I help with customer inquiries here at Whole Foods Market and we’ve been hearing some wild, off-base stories from folks around the country lately.

WTF Happened to Golden Rice?

Today, the IRRI coordinates the Golden Rice Network and has been working to develop a viable strain since 2006. And so far, it's having trouble. On its website, the IRRI reports that in the latest field trials, golden rice varieties "showed that beta carotene was produced at consistently high levels in the grain, and that grain quality was comparable to the conventional variety." However, the website continues, "yields of candidate lines were not consistent across locations and seasons." Translation: The golden rice varieties exhibited what's known in agronomy circles as a "yield drag"—they didn't produce as much rice as the non-GM varieties they'd need to compete with in farm fields. So the IRRI researchers are going back to the drawing board.

Newsweek: Update: This article was updated to include a comment from Monsanto.

Glyphosate Now the Most-Used Agricultural Chemical Ever

“Anybody working in agricultural would say it’s a very serious problem,” says David Mortensen, a professor of weed and applied plant ecology at Penn State University.

Livingston High Grad Gives Hillary Clinton A $10 Million GMO Challenge

Undeterred by Monsanto’s snubbing of his $10 million challenge – which Ayyadurai claims that the agrochemical giant still hasn’t accepted – the crusading scientist reissued the same dare last week to possible 2016 presidential candidate and former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

“Disprove my research that exposes the lack of safety regarding GMO’s and I will donate $10 million to your presidential campaign,” Ayyadurai stated in a news release aimed at Clinton last week.

China’s 1.4 Billion Mouths Behind ChemChina’s Syngenta Pursuit

With about 1.4 billion mouths to feed, China needs a sharp boost in farm productivity, which has been hurt by damaged soil, contaminated water, and overuse of fertilizer and pesticides. President Xi Jinping has singled out boosting agricultural output among the country’s priorities and urged the country to take the lead in developing GMO crops. China has bought agricultural assets globally, from farms to sugar mills, to ensure food supply as its population increases and becomes wealthier.

"GM cotton is resistant to glufosinate, a neurotoxic herbicide. Glufosinate has been shown to cause microcephaly - it is likely to be contributing to the microcephaly epidemic currently going on in NE Brazil." - Stephanie Seneff;fb_ref=Default

The Monsanto Bait & Switch Caper: EPA Chronic Safety Assessment for Glyphosate Products Based on Deception

The assessment is for one substance, yet uses testing for a different substance to declare its safety!

Dr. Samsel states: "It’s like Monsanto getting the approvals for table salt, sodium chloride, to be used on food and then going back to the EPA and saying – Oh BTW, we have another salt of sodium we want to register, and the EPA lets them use the same testing that they used for sodium chloride. However, the new salt is SODIUM CYANIDE and a lot of people are now dying !!!!!

The Trouble with Iowa

Corn, corruption, and the presidential caucuses

The problem is simple enough. Rain falls on Iowa pure and clean, but it arrives at Stowe’s intake pipes a few hours later sufficiently polluted to violate federal standards for drinking water. Farmers have been raising corn and hogs in Iowa, and the people of Des Moines have been drinking river water, ever since the Civil War, but only in the past decade or two have the nitrogen fertilizers from industrial agriculture rendered that water undrinkable.

Under the current reading of the relevant federal law, pollution from a factory pipe is called “point source” and is regulated. If a factory or municipal sewage-treatment plant sends concentrated nitrates and phosphorus down a discharge pipe to a river, the feds will put a stop to it. Runoff from a farm’s field, “nonpoint source,” is not regulated at all.

TPP Signed Amid Mounting Public Opposition

Last night, the 12 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) nations officially signed the trade pact. Now the process of trying to pass it in Congress begins.

40 years of science: Organic ag key to feeding the world

“Hundreds of scientific studies now show that organic ag should play a role in feeding the world” said lead author Reganold ( “Thirty years ago, there were just a couple handfuls of studies comparing organic agriculture with conventional. In the last 15 years, these kinds of studies have skyrocketed.”

B.C. Fruit Growers want to block Canadian sales of Arctic Apple (2 minute video)

Monsanto's glyphosate now most heavily used weed-killer in history, study says

The Mycobiome

The largely overlooked resident fungal community plays a critical role in human health and disease.

New Yorkers.......

We all have a right to know what's in our food. Gmo labelling adds two words to the ingredient list on a food label: "genetically modified." Big food is already required to do this over in Europe. Big Food and Big Ag companies are spending millions of dollars on lobbying, buying off our Representatives so that these two words are not added to the ingredient list on food packaging. Why? If their food is so safe, why is there a problem with having it on the label? Why are they willing to spend millions of dollars to hide it from Americans?

Do you believe you should have the right to know every ingredient in your and your children's food? If so, please submit this easy form to your representative. You put in the basic info and they send it to our Reps.

Former coffee farm owners sue Monsanto

inherently dangerous and unsafe when used in the manner instructed and provided by defendant.”

“Agricultural workers are, once again, victims of corporate greed,” the filing states. “Monsanto assured the public that Roundup was harmless. In order to prove this, Monsanto championed falsified data and attacked legitimate studies that revealed its dangers. Monsanto led a prolonged campaign of misinformation to convince government agencies, farmers and the general public that Roundup was safe.”

“I feel strongly about the fact that Monsanto should have told people that their herbicide is a cancer-causing agent and they haven’t warned people. It’s a shame,” Miller said. “Once the World Health Organization says you are probably a cancer-causing agent, you are a cancer-causing agent. That’s why California has implemented Proposition 65 (the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986), to let everybody know (glyphosate) is a cancer-causing agent. We’ll be entering that case in California, as well, to stand up for California in the way they warn people.

Is there gmo ingredients in vaccines? According to this scientist, yes there is.

Cutting Edge Information On Glyphosate Now In Flu Vaccine And Others, By Mistake! - February 5, 2016 - Hosted by Sharon Brennan, Lshc, Cnhc, Ntp

Guest, Dr. Stephanie Seneff (Aluminum and Glyphosate)

Episode Description - Dr. Stephanie Seneff brings you her most current research on Glyphosate Round-Up and how it has recently been found in the flu vaccine and the MMR causing brain inflammation, leading to Autism.
Arty turns 11 this summer.