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Anytime the City has tried to work with HWS on developing any sort of real community based improvement and cooperative effort HWS has just dragged its feet and chosen to ignore it or begrudgingly done the very least it had to. Let's have three cheers for all the HWS has done for this area!

That BS charter that allows them to be tax-exempt is for a seminary college, you know, religious based education. That was given in what, 1843 or somewhere around that time. How about an audit to see if they still comply with any sort of definition of religious or theologian exemption?

HWS has taken about $6 million of homes off the tax rolls just on south main street alone

guess how much property HWS has taken off the tax rolls with the 200 acres they own?

maybe the HWS president can explain how much tax money is lost each year just by the $6 million of south main street homes that HWS has taken off the tax rolls

or the $6 million that is not taxed that should be going to the local schools each year

or the $6 million of non-taxable property that will not be included when the county passes out the share of sales taxes each year

when HWS takes property of the tax rolls it is a three fold negative effect

the city taxpayers loss property taxes, the school loses tax money and the share of sales taxes from the county is greatly reduced each year

maybe the new HWS 'performance' center should be dedicated to the city of geneva taxpayers and not the HWS president whistle