Happy Holidays everyone. Please note that Seralini has been cleared of any wrongdoing. His original study has been republished, so you pro boys can't use that excuse anymore.

Monsanto Put on Trial for Crimes against Humanity in The Hague 12/3/15

Relying on the “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” adopted by the UN in 2011, an international court of lawyers and judges will assess the potential criminal liability of Monsanto for damages inflicted on human health and the environment. The court will also rely on the Rome Statute that created the International Criminal Court in The Hague in 2002, and it will consider whether to reform international criminal law to include crimes against the environment, or ecocide, as a prosecutable criminal offense. The International Criminal Court, established in 2002 in The Hague, has determined that prosecuting ecocide as a criminal offense is the only way to guarantee the rights of humans to a healthy environment and the right of nature to be protected.



Seralini’s team wins defamation and forgery court cases on GMO and pesticide research

On 25 November 2015, the High Court of Paris indicted Marc Fellous, former chairman of France’s Biomolecular Engineering Commission, for “forgery” and “the use of forgery”, in a libel trial that he lost to Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini. The Biomolecular Engineering Commission has authorised many GM crops for consumption.

The details of the case have not yet been publicly released but a source close to the case told GMWatch that Fellous had used or copied the signature of a scientist without his agreement to argue that Séralini and his co-researchers were wrong in their reassessment of Monsanto studies.

The Séralini team’s re-assessment reported finding signs of toxicity in the raw data from Monsanto’s own rat feeding studies with GM maize.

The sentence against Fellous has not yet been passed and is expected in June 2016.


GREAT NEWS! The EPA has just pulled the approval of Dow's DUO Enlist due to high toxicity!!!!



A group of over 90 independent scientists has written an open letter to the European Health and Food Safety Commissioner, Vytenis Andriukaitis, strongly challenging EFSA’s decision and the BfR report that it was based on. They express deep concern that BfR assesses the widely used herbicide glyphosate as “unlikely to pose a carcinogenic hazard to humans”.


Bernie Sanders claims CBS canceled interview on rBGH after Monsanto threatened lawsuit - Evan McMorris-Santoro | November 24, 2015


Native Americans Denounce Genetically Engineered Foods


Why the FDA’s Policy on Genetically Engineered Foods is Fraudulent and Illegal


US Senator devises steps to fight back against FDA's GE salmon approval

“I will not stand back and just watch these genetically engineered creatures be placed in our kitchens and on our tables without a fight. I am furious about this decision, but now I must do everything I can to make sure it is labeled—consumers have a right to know what it is they are eating,” said Senator Murkowski.

“Genetically modifying salmon is messing with nature’s perfect brain food. The real thing is not only the safe choice, but it’s the best thing,” she claimed.


Via Moms Across America: "New study shows the reduction of soil bacteria and microbes int he soil after exposure to glyphosate. If it is doing this to our soil, what must it be doing to our gut bacteria, where 70% of our immune system lies?
Thank you to this team:"

Newman, M. M., Hoilett, N., Lorenz, N., Dick, R. P., Liles, M. R., Ramsier, C., & Kloepper, J. W. (2016). Glyphosate effects on soil rhizosphere-associated bacterial communities. Science of The Total Environment, 543, 155-160.


• We examined the rhizosphere bacterial community composition response to glyphosate.
• Next-generation sequencing was used to examine the rhizosphere bacterial community.
• Relative abundance of Acidobacteria decreased in response to glyphosate exposure.
• Long-term glyphosate application could affect rhizosphere nutrient status.


Glyphosate is one of the most widely used herbicides in agriculture with predictions that 1.35 million metric tons will be used annually by 2017. With the advent of glyphosate tolerant (GT) cropping more than 10 years ago, there is now concern for non-target effects on soil microbial communities that has potential to negatively affect soil functions, plant health, and crop productivity. Although extensive research has been done on short-term response to glyphosate, relatively little information is available on long-term effects. Therefore, the overall objective was to investigate shifts in the rhizosphere bacterial community following long-term glyphosate application on GT corn and soybean in the greenhouse. In this study, rhizosphere soil was sampled from rhizoboxes following 4 growth periods, and bacterial community composition was compared between glyphosate treated and untreated rhizospheres using next-generation barcoded sequencing. In the presence or absence of glyphosate, corn and soybean rhizospheres were dominated by members of the phyla Proteobacteria, Acidobacteria, and Actinobacteria. Proteobacteria (particularly gammaproteobacteria) increased in relative abundance for both crops following glyphosate exposure, and the relative abundance of Acidobacteria decreased in response to glyphosate exposure. Given that some members of the Acidobacteria are involved in biogeochemical processes, a decrease in their abundance could lead to significant changes in nutrient status of the rhizosphere. Our results also highlight the need for applying culture-independent approaches in studying the effects of pesticides on the soil and rhizosphere microbial community.


Alexis Baden Mayer, Organic Consumers Association, on The Big Picture
Watch (5+ mins)

Food advocates are worried about how the genetically engineered AquAdvantage salmon will affect consumers. The fish have higher levels of the growth hormone known as IGF-1, which has been linked to an increased risk of several cancers.


US scientists urge ban on human genetic modification


Erin Brockovich: The Biotech Industry Is Jeopardizing Our Health


A win for bees

Pulling sulfoxaflor off the market will mean the product can no longer be applied to nuts, fruits and vegetables around the country — some of the very crops that rely on bees for pollination. While EPA missed an important opportunity to stop the export of this troublesome pesticide, it's still a clear win for bees and beekeepers in the U.S.


MIT Doctor Links Glyphosate to Autism Spike - Dr. Stephanie Seneff - Jan 7, 2015


Global Food, Farming and Environmental Justice Groups to Put Monsanto on Trial for Crimes Against Human Health and the Environment in the International People’s Court in The Hague


Dr. Eilish Cleary studying glyphosate when put on leave

Chief medical officer of health 'surprised and upset' by leave from provincial government


How Monsanto Destroyed Rural Argentina


GM Cow Trials in New Zealand Show Disastrous Results


Putin: Russia Will be World’s Largest Supplier of Healthy Organic Food


Can the Bacteria in Your Gut Explain Your Mood?

The rich array of microbiota in our intestines can tell us more than you might think.


Interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD, 11/22/15 - Dr. Mikovits talks about science- vaccines/autism/chronic illness, corruption.

The first third of the interview she's talking about vaccines, then she gets into gmo, transgenes,

"...it's pandora's box and it's fully open and has been for the last twenty years...thirty..."

(She says her boss tried to get her and another doctor to sign off on a paper stating false info just like Dr. Thompson did and she and the other doctor refused. She also says no infant should be given any vaccines before the age of three and never given the Hep B shot. Spontaneous abortions and SIDS deaths associated with the flu shot. Pushing seniors into alzheimers.




Published on Jun 10, 2015
Montana based wildlife rehabilitation and scientist Ms Judy Hoy speaks with Tony Mitra, about the serious degeneration and existential threat facing North American Wildlife, thanks to Glyphosate and other nasty chemicals.


CBS This Morning
The Grocery Manufacturers Association says up to 80 percent of processed food... S (7:03)


Monsanto Hid Evidence of Roundup and Cancer


E.P.A. Revokes Approval of New Dow Herbicide for G.M.O. Crops


These videos by Organic Valley are great.......Soul of Farming - The Gift of Grass


Arty turns 11 this summer.