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Even if it is only half, it is substantial.

What a bunch of self-serving propaganda in that piece. By this article I am supposed to swallow the rationale of any money spent should be counted towards helping Geneva. HWS says: Okay, I paid my employees that I have to do anyway or they will leave, spent a bunch of money buying property and getting it off the tax roles, spent a lot more money to build the campus buildings and use architects, engineers and contractors that don't live here, I'll add in the money I spent on my own staff and vendors that also don't live here or contribute anything to the city or town but we're contributing so much to the local economy.

Anytime the City has tried to work with HWS on developing any sort of real community based improvement and cooperative effort HWS has just dragged its feet and chosen to ignore it or begrudgingly done the very least it had to. Let's have three cheers for all the HWS has done for this area!

That BS charter that allows them to be tax-exempt is for a seminary college, you know, religious based education. That was given in what, 1843 or somewhere around that time. How about an audit to see if they still comply with any sort of definition of religious or theologian exemption?