Austria and Italy Celebrate Bans on GM Crops with EU Opt-Out - 9/24/15

Austrian Health Minister Sabine Oberhauser and a number of Italian Ministries have confirmed that both countries are officially requesting an opt-out from growing the eight varieties of GM maize permitted or set to be permitted at the EU level, thus there will now be a full ban on GM crops in both countries under new EU regulations.

Northern Ireland and Lithuania have followed France, who announced their decision last week, and also Greece and Latvia in asking for an opt-out from growing GM crops. Germany and Scotland have also made it clear that they will follow the same path.

Monsanto knew all along! Secret studies reveal the truth of Roundup toxicity- 9/18/15

"The conclusion is clear: they knew...Monsanto misrepresented the data", says Samsel, "and deliberately covered up data to bring the product [glyphosate] to market."

"Anthony Samsel is an independent research scientist working internationally in the interest of public health and the environment. He is a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists, and a former scientist and consultant at Arthur D. Little, one of the world's leading management consulting firms.

Now retired, Samsel has devoted much of his independent research on Roundup's toxicological characteristics and bioactivity. Unable to gain access to research reports and data Monsanto submitted to the EPA through FOIAs, he turned to his senator's office, who assisted in the procurement of studies and reports he sought.

Months later he received a hoard of scientific documents, over 15,000 pages worth, covering Monsanto's complete glyphosate research.

With his co-investigator Dr. Stephanie Seneff at MIT the two have been reviewing Monsanto's data. Their conclusion is Monsanto's claims about glyphosate's safety are patently false. The company has known for almost four decades that glyphosate is responsible for a large variety of cancers and organ failures.

Clearly it was for this reason that Monsanto demanded the data and reports to be sealed and hidden from public scrutiny as proprietary trade secrets.

We don't pay enough attention to these other ingredients, Samsel states, because the EPA permits Monsanto to add anything it wants to enhance Roundup's potency while identifying these substances innocuously as 'inert'. When Monsanto convinces the public that glyphosate breaks down quickly, we are not told that the compound's metabolic byproducts are equally toxic.

Lithuania Bans GM Crops as Biotech Industry Loses More Ground - 9/21/15

‘Safety assessments of GMOs are non-existent’

Michael Hansen: Clearly, such testing needs to be done and that will be in a forthcoming paper. By the way, this series of four papers is based on thousands of wet lab tests and is not “just a model”. This paper is focused on using modern systems biology methods to provide a foundation, at the molecular level, for all researchers to understand, with full transparency, how GM may perturb complex molecular systems. There is an active effort towards conducting wet lab tests on the results indicated from this systems biology analysis. However, conducting such experiments is extremely difficult, given the lack of transparency from those who own, manufacture, and control those GM seeds, be it soy or others. For example, there are legal constraints in the US to even obtain the seeds to conduct such testing.

Finally, an academic telling the truth.

Columbia University professor and food policy expert, Joan Gussow, looks to clear the confusion about genetically modified organisms. 9/15/15

"Those are not the questions being asked because people are being diverted to looking at the wrong question just like right at the moment people are diverted to looking at the question of cancer from different substances when the real question about the toxins in our food have to do with birth defects they're hormal influences which are huge so we are often diverted to asking the wrong question.

American Media Silent on GMO Bans (Add to these countries Greece, Germany, Latvia and Scotland who just recently banned GMO)

A quick Google News search turns up virtually no results for the bans by Russia and France, aside from a few scattered alternative news sites.

With more Americans than ever before learning about GMOs and making their own decisions on whether to include such foods in their diet, and a huge vote looming in the Senate over a possible ban on mandatory GMO labeling in America (click here to learn more and take action), you’d think the news giants like NBC, Fox News, CNN and others would be chomping at the bit to get this news out to their readers and viewers.

But alas, they have chosen not to cover these stories, once again giving the American people an incomplete picture about the ongoing food experiment that they never consented to in the first place.

6 Corporations That Control Your Perception - Jun 6, 2013

Abby Martin goes over the 6 corporations that control nearly everything in the mainstream media, and discusses a few of the most famous cases of media censorship with BTS producer, Manuel Rapalo.

Testing Foods for Glyphosate Toxicity is About to Be a Thing 9/18/15

Govt decides to ban GMO food production in Russia – deputy PM - 9/18/15

Genetically Engineered trees: The New Frontier of Biotechnology - Center for Food Safety - 11/4/13

This report explores potential ecological and socioeconomic hazards of GE trees and addresses the alarming lack of regulation and long-term testing of GE trees. Other authors are Sam Cohen, George Kimbrell, Sharon Perrone and Abigail Seiler. Contributing writer Gabriela Steier.

Also announced by McCormick, a new non-GMO vanilla extract will be introduced along with numerous other organic spices and flavorings to compete with its rivals for the growing organic dollar in the United States (and elsewhere).

22 September 2015

TTIP poised to gut US states’ ability to protect on toxic chemicals

Washington, DC – A new report Preempting the Public Interest: How TTIP Will Limit US States’ Public Health and Environmental Protections by the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) details how EU proposals for the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would usurp US states’ authority to regulate toxic chemicals. These proposals would not only curtail states’ efforts to protect the public from toxic exposure, but also threaten any State regulations in the public interest that exceed federal standards.

Take Action: Plastic Doesn't Belong in the Ocean

Scientist Who Has Discovered Other Planets Gives Gift to Help Protect This One

Herbicide scrutiny mounts as resistant weeds spread in U.S.

Spread of genetically engineered organisms out of control - 9/21/15
New report on recent and emerging cases

Dr Zac Bush - Gut/Brain Injury: How, why, and what you can do about it - Published on Jun 10, 2015

"Cancer just hit 1 in 2...49 percent of American adults are now diagnosed with cancer before they die...and I have kids...these kids are looking at inheriting a world in which they have no financial means to support the largest geriatric population that's ever existed on top of the sickest peer group that's ever existed...and so for me as a parent it's really difficult for me to have any peace in my sleep at night thinking this is the world I am passing on...I want to pass on something better to our kids and for goodness sake all the families here with autistic children you've already seen it you're seeing the sickest generation of children we've ever had and that they are the canary in the coal mine..."

Dr. Bush explains the unifying science behind devastating changes in the food, farming, and medical industries, introducing the breakthrough science of bacteria and their communication with the body's defense systems. The industrial storm of the last 70 years has left the human gut and immune systems vulnerable to injury. Two synergistic toxins in our food and water systems have exploited this vulnerability, resulting in direct damage to the tight junctions that compose the natural firewalls at the gut/blood and blood/brain barriers. The correlations between diet, gut bacteria, and autism have been long-recognized. This new science reveals the mechanisms behind this relationship. The novel science of bacterial communication is the foundation for a new class of dietary supplements that go beyond what has been available.

Symptoms and Signs of Gluten Intolerance - September 24, 2015 by Mathews McGarry

Alice speaks at 3:15 min in about infertility, diabetes, starvation and death all due to the GMOs growing in her African village. - Published on Apr 27, 2015

Sewage Sludge - Interview with Dr. David Lewis (Science for Sale)

It's in organic fertilizer, it's spread on our farms, schools and playgrounds and the epa is in the thick of it.

Appeal Board rejects GM potatoes for South Africa - Sep 16, 2015

Dr. Don Huber – The Latest Science on GMOs, Glyphosate and Infertility - 9/25/15 - Carol Grieve'

The Many Faces of Glyphosate - Dr. Stephanie Seneff - Jun 10, 2015

"Glyphosate has many ways that is messes up human health." (Q & A segment about halfway through.)

“GE Trees Fall” Launches Today with Action Camp in North Carolina - September 24, 2015

“Industry is ramming ahead with plans to commercialize GE trees with the collusion of the US government, which is ignoring its responsibility to protect the public and the environment from the threats of GE trees,” stated Anne Petermann, Executive Director of Global Justice Ecology Project and Coordinator of the international Campaign to STOP GE Trees. “This means if the average US citizen wants to be involved in decisions about GE trees that impact their forests or communities, they have to take matters into their own hands – to go back to the time honored traditions of civil disobedience and direct action. We are helping people do this with our GE trees action camp.” And we are in good company. Pope Francis, in his recent Encyclic on the Environment, came out strongly against GMOs due to their impacts on communities, land and the environment–the same impacts we would see from GE tree plantations,” she added. [3]

How Our Vegetables Became Less Nutritious than Our Parents'

They found declines in a number of minerals contained within these crops, including protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin, and vitamin C.

Top 10 Toxic Kid Cereals To Avoid At All Costs

Like our expose on peanut butter and what’s really in your orange juice, Mamavation took a look at some of the most toxic ingredients hiding in your child’s breakfast cereal:

NOTICE: World Wildlife Fund is NOT in partnership with Monsanto. A diligent reader has gone the extra mile to contact WWF who refutes any connection implied in the article reposted from You can read WWF's GMO policy here:…/wwf_position_stateme…

Hawaii AG Backs Vermont GMO Labeling Law - 9/13/15

According to GMO Free USA: “We sent a package of Gerber Graduates Lil’ Crunchies Veggie Dip Baked Whole Grain Corn Snack to a certified lab to test for the presence of GMO material. The quantitative PCR test verified, by DNA analysis, that 100 percent of the corn in the Lil’ Crunchies Veggie Dip was GMO. All of the corn has been genetically-engineered to be herbicide tolerant (Roundup Ready) and the corn contained DNA sequences known to be present in Bt insecticide-producing GMO corn.”
Arty turns 11 this summer.