Oh, and you don't rant...6188 posts? At least I'm posting information worth reading so that consumers can decide what they want to do. It's called an informed public and for whatever reason, and I don't care to know, you don't seem to think the public needs to know. Good for you, that is your opinion, you are entitled to it.

I don't have time for your name calling, boring, do no good, time wasting posts. It's times like these the "ignore" feature comes in handy.

Back to business...

Fyi...Senator Gillibrand will be voting against your right to know if there are gmo ingredients in your food.

Please call her office this week to ask her to vote against ANY legislation that blocks GMO labeling at the federal and state level. Congress will be reconvening in Washington, DC, later this month and the Senate will likely take up this issue soon.

Ask to speak to the legislative staffer working on the GMO labeling issue. Identify yourself as a constituent, give your address, and say something to the effect of, "Please tell Senator Gillibrand that I'm a voting New Yorker who wants to know if my food has been genetically modified. Please ask her to vote against a companion bill to HR 1599 that might be introduced to the Senate, or any piece of legislation that blocks the right of states and the FDA to label GMO foods. Thank you."

The staffer's job is to listen to you and relay that information to the Senator at their weekly staff meetings.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
NYC office: (212) 688-6262
Arty turns 11 this summer.