My driving force is my family. It doesn't make any difference to me what you or anyone else thinks about me. I know that my family and my farmers are proud that I am trying.

I'm a member of Moms Across America, a group of moms teaching the public about how our food was changed. We MAA moms take a lot of hits from people like you, people in farming, biotech and related industries. These hits will never stop us. You poisoned us and our kids. You should know better than to mess with a mama and her cubs.

I have almost 30,000 views in one thread. Almost 6,000 of those views while I was on a forced leave of absence.

Just like the women before me that fought for my right to vote, I will fight for my and my family's right to have food, water and an environment that isn't poisoned.

Call me a crazy, quack, lunatic. Bring it on. Sticks and stones won't stop me from trying to stop you from poisoning my family and btw, fyi, I am winning. Posts forthcoming.
Arty turns 10 this summer.