Consumer awareness driving strong demand for non-GMO feed

By Ken Roseboro - April 30, 2015

"Growing by leaps and bounds"

Many non-GMO feed suppliers report better animal health with non-GMO feed. “I get comments from people who switched from GMO feed to our feed, and they say how healthier their chickens are,” Yantis said.

Yantis even sold one customer eight tons of non-GMO corn to feed deer. “No one would have cared about this a few years ago,” he said.
The fact that more farmers are interested in growing non-GMO corn and soybeans is helping the supply. “More farmers are refusing to pay for the Monsanto tech fees, and more supply is becoming available,” Frantzen added.

“We’ve gotten requests from customers to be Non-GMO Project verified. That’s the next step,” Shutt said.
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