This is a history lesson for many of us who found out about GMOs after this was published in 2008.

Monsanto U: Agribusiness's Takeover of Public Schools

By Nancy Scola / February 14, 2008

The summed effect was that, suddenly, a public institution like Purdue had a great deal of motivation for working with Delta Pine and Land Co. to see if they might make a buck off their biotech invention in the marketplace. What's more, the policy shift made it so individual lab geeks themselves stood to profit, eligible for a large slice of whatever windfall their discovery generated.

"There's no question that industry money comes with strings," Neighbour admits. "It limits what you can do, when you can do it, who it has to be approved by."

"Our ability to do science is constrained by the patents held by agribusiness."'s_takeover_of_public_schools

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