Samsel on Glyphosate safety tests - Part 2 - Published on May 28, 2015

"...shows that that particular vitamin that they are adding to these feeds does induce cancers...In my last paper I cited a half a dozen different patents of how glyphosate works synergistically increases the toxicity of other chemicals...Bacteria communicate with our own cells and they turn our genes on and off, through the bio-molecules that they produce. So, when we start messing with our micro biome and bacterial species, all kinds of serious stuff happens. And we when we mess up our enzymes like CYP 450, and other enzymes, and we mess up our amino acids through herbicides, we are setting ourselves up for a life of isease and misery.

So, it would be my recommendation that every government on this earth, no matter where they are they need to ban herbicides. Not just glyphostate, all herbicides from the food supply and from the food supply of animals. It's unconscionable to feed animals with food that's contaminated with herbicides. It sets them up for disease and misery, just like it sets us up for disease and misery.

...they knew that glyphosate was problematic. They used historical controls to cancel out the truth. They still use historical controls today, to do that very same thing and that practice should be banned from science. We should not be using historical controls to get rid of the evidence."

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