Samsel on Glyphosate safety tests - Part 1 - 19 minutes - Published on May 25, 2015

Dr. Anthony Samsel got the US-EPA to reopen files containing safety tests on Glyphosate that had been sealed since 1981 as "Trade Secret" on request of Monsanto. In those files of thousands of pages of data, Dr. Samsel found enough evidence that prompts him to say that Glyphosate is not just a "probable" carcinogen - it is unequivocally a carcinogen. He is legally bound not to show the documents to anybody, but is allowed to say what he feels about them. Here he is speaking about them to me. Tony Mitra.


It could be that they're recording the conversation...the NSA, FBI...they're recording every American conversation particularly those of scientists.

I can discuss it. I can't send you the documents. I can't give them to anyone because I signed an agreement with the EPA, but I can talk about them and I can give you my opinion of those documents because I've read them all.

Monsanto did do long term studies. Monsanto asked epa to seal the documents as trade secrets.

Well, that's a lie. That's false...Our bacteria...they do have a shikimate pathway. When we disrupt our bacteria, we disrupt our immune system...They dismissed the affect the glyphosate had been absorbed through the skin and into the animal...there was tissue damage happening.

Glyphosate goes right to the bone marrow...that's where your new cells are born...end up to the thymus gland...where those cells mature...t cells...helper fight off cancer...

Rat and mice study...26 months...the highest effects were in the pituitary gland, the thyroid glad and the thymus gland, mammary gland of the females, testicles of male rats...tumorigenic growth...they found that glyphosate induced chronic kidney also affected the pancreas, liver and lung...

So what did they do, they brought in multiple studies, historical control studies, that had incidences of tumors in the controls and they used that to wipe out the data and say that it wasn't the glyphosate.
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