Dr Michael Antoniou, Molecular Biologist: 'MADGE Talks: Sources and mechanisms of health risks from GMO foods and glyphosate-based herbicides

Sydney, Australia, 24 March 2015

"In summary, I would say that based on the current evidence alone a safe dose of glyphosate or round up is actually unknown and that we should simply just withdraw it from the market and in terms of gmos in general...I believe that the studies conducted to date show clear evidence of toxicity especially to liver and kidney function in controlled animal feeding studies including even on the short term basis. What is causing this toxicity from gmo consumption can be from the gmo transgenic product, the bt toxin, the herbicide, especially glyphosate, and the adjuvant residues or the mutagentic effect of the gm transformation process. I believe there is evidence that it is a combination of all of these three but particulary the glyphosate adjuvant residues I believe are a major contributing factor and so on that note, I would say that we need to conduct, we need to withdraw, I would go as far to say since it has not been possible you cannot claim based on the inadequacy of the test requested by regulators and on the available evidence, at present no gmo crop or food can be categorically stated as safe to consume especially on a long term life long basis and as we published and as a result, we say there is no scientific consensus on gmo food safety despite what the industry and the pro gmo lobby may say."

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