Update from Moms Across America : 4/28/15

Our leader, Zen Honeycutt is in Switzerland. She was to attend the Syngenta board meeting. You can close your doors on us, but we're not going away. We have mom (and dad) members from all over the world educating parents every day.

Zen Honeycutt

"The Syngenta Shareholder meeting was eventful. Great people gathered to protest outside. Thank you all who called Syngenta! When I tried to register and enter the Head of Legal said no ( after several rounds of discussion) and they offered to have heads of Dept's meet with me. Which might have been better. We'll see. I met with three mothers: two heads of R&D for pesticides and GM and one Head of Social Policy and Performance. They listened and we talked for nearly 2 hours. Much longer than 3 minutes and Mothers! I gave them everything I got. I think they really got that as the world's largest pesticide producer, they have the hardest to fall. They seemed to really listen and be genuinely concerned. Again we'll see. It's time for them to change direction and mitigate risks. Thanks again to all who called!"


Syngenta makes a lot of products. If you haven't heard of Tyrone Hayes, you've got to see his talk about the frogs being desexed because of Atrazine getting in our water. See my post, Frogs under Pets and Animals.
Arty turns 11 this summer.