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Unjust Attacks Against Dr. Oz

Posted: 04/23/2015

I have known Mehmet Oz, M.D. for over 30 years, well before he became famous on television.

To understand these issues, it is necessary to understand who these medical critics of Dr. Oz are and what their possible agenda is.

Was this recent public attack orchestrated to discredit Dr. Oz and protect Monsanto against his questioning the safety of genetically-modified food?

Many big egos in the medical profession demand respect, as if their medical drugs and procedures are anointed with a high degree of scientific certainty, when the reality is most of the studies are sponsored and influenced by pharmaceutical companies. These individuals often act like they have a superior intellect to understand and adjudicate scientific claims and findings, contemptuously attacking all that they do not know with the term "quackery."

I think it is important to recognize that drugs have real potential to do harm -- and what your doctor doesn't know about nutrition and healthy lifestyle can kill you, too.

There are thousands of doctors across the country who feel he represents the modern medical profession well. I am one of them.
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