MUST WATCH: how Monsanto is doing the OPPOSITE of feeding the world

"There's a humongous food shortage" she says because after they grow a gmo crop no other food will grow in the soil.

The first of a series of videos from mothers across the world talking about GMOs and chemical farming in their communities.

Alice from Uganda, Africa talks about the impact of GMOs and chemical farming on her health, her family and her village. With intro by Vandana Shiva, co creator of Moms Across the World. Interviewed and filmed by Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America.

3:20 Alice share about her long term infertility issues and being able to conceive after going organic
5:09 Alice shares about the loss of her father and the health issues which led up to his passing.
6:28 Alice learns the connection between the health of her village and the crops they are growing
7:18 Alice describes the crops her father and his village are growing with chemicals and the impact on the soil and the health of her village7:49 Alice describes food shortages since growing Monsanto's con and cotton
10:00 Alice share what she learned from Vandana and from the talks in Australia
14:24 Vandana Shiva tells Alice what she needs to do.
14:55 "It has to be stopped"
15:22 Do they have more food or less with GMOs?
16:37 Do you believe the GMO seed companies are feeding the world?
Arty turns 11 this summer.