Dr. Mehmet Oz / 4/23/15 (Link to show video at bottom)

In addition to today's show, I addressed my critics in this TIME piece. I've written about my unwavering commitment to you, the viewer, through my show.

Exclusive: Dr. Oz Says ‘We’re Not Going Anywhere’

"With a few clicks and some simple searches, a remarkable web of intrigue emerged—one that the mainstream media has completely missed. The lead author, Henry I. Miller, appears to have a history as a pro-biotech scientist, and was mentioned in early tobacco-industry litigation as a potential ally to industry. He also furthered the battle in California to block GMO labeling—a cause that I have been vocal about supporting. Another of the letter signees..."

"Whether you support genetically engineered crops or not, the freedom to make an informed choice should belong to consumers. The bill in Congress this month proposing to block states from independently requiring labeling offers a coup to pro-GMO groups."


Today's show:

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