Mr. Farmer:

Thousands of New Yorkers disagree with you. They are shopping at non gmo farms for their meat and the organics in grocery stores. Big stores like Wegman's is contracting with organic farmers for ingredients to produce "Wegman's Organic." Whole Foods grocery chain will label all gmo's by the end of 2015. Down goes the gmo customer base.

They are also the shoppers that are FORCED to eat organic, gluten free, due to the nasty symptoms caused by your gmo food products. Go to Wegmans or Trader Joe's on any day. There is no room to move, always bumping into people. There again, your customer base is shrinking because gmo food, pesticides and herbicides make people sick and the World Health Organization just admitted that Glyphosate, a/k/a, Round Up, "probably causes cancer."

Been to a restaurant lately? Ask the wait staff how many people ask for organic, gluten free options?

Right now your customers are farmers that grow and spray this poison on crops, the animals forced to eat it and grocery and restaurant customers who do not understand the incredible harm from it. Gasoline too. (Non-Ethenol gas is sold at Fast Track gas stations (Geneva/Clyde).) Oh, and the countries that are having this technology forced on them because of dirty politics.

It is only a matter of time. No parent wants to see their family harmed. When they learn about gmo food, your customer base will keep declining. The tipping point of consumer rejection is upon you. Listen.

People are pretty smart nowadays about the trust worthiness of their government, corporations, etc., and are learning that they can't even trust the media and medical professionals. Trust the FDA? Lmao, not a chance.

Everybody is in it for a buck. Even the ones that should be educating you are not and will only educate the ones that have enough money to fill their pockets.

I have no financial interest. My only purpose is to educate and heal my family. If I can get through to someone else in the process, I'm happy with that.

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