Here are the facts about why GMOs are among the safest products on the market today:

Every plant improved through genetic modification is examined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency for potential health risks.
Tests are done on plants before entering the food and animal-feed supply.
Fruits, vegetables and grains from genetically modified crops are indistinguishable from foods developed with other breeding methods.
The FDA has found that GMO foods have the same nutritional value as non-GMO foods.
Out of the trillions of meals consumed that have contained GMO ingredients, not one single substantiated case of harm to human health has been caused by GMOs.
The World Health Organization, American Medical Association, National Research Council, FDA, European Commission and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation all agree that GMOs are safe.

Did you know that no other food ingredient or product costs as much to bring to market or has been studied as much as GMO crop seed? How does that make you feel? If Jimmy Kimmel asked you, what would you say about GMOs now?