FDA Release Intentionally Misleads Public on GMO Food Safety—Again

By Sara Jennings April 6, 2015

“it is the companies themselves who are fully responsible to determine that their GMOs are safe.”

“the FDA has not performed a genuine scientific assessment that’s competent to certify safety – and the manufacturers have not done so either. The voluntary consultation process is mere window dressing designed to create the illusion that such assessments are occurring.”

The FDA’s press release gives the false impression that the agency used a competent, scientific protocol for its safety review. According to Smith, “Companies can submit whatever data or summaries they want; there are no standards for testing; no requirements for modern analyses; and no adherence to recommendations made by international bodies or scientific organizations.” He adds, “Since companies never actually provide raw data from feeding studies, the FDA is not in a position to verify the producers’ safety claims.”

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