This article is undated but the events referred to in it are dated the latter part of March 2013. The "rider" prez o signed has expired. (prez o, not capitalized or spelled out purposely.)

March 2013

Monsanto and DuPont's GMO War and biotech Monopoly

Now the four biotech companies including Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta and Dow are linked by Monsanto’s license and have joined to work together to control and dominate the whole market.

Recently, Monsanto joined the chemical company Dow to create a new row of GMO crops called "Agent Orange Corn" that is resistant to both Monsanto's Roundup and active ingredient of Agent Orange called 2,4-D. The active ingredient in Roundup called “glyphosate” has been linked to infertility, liver damage, birth defects, allergies, cancer and nutritional deficiencies. 2,4-D in Agent Orange is also linked to health problems including cancer, liver toxicity, neurotoxicity, immune system disorder, Parkinson's disease and endocrine disruption.
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