The citizens of Argentina are trying to worn us. Please listen to this important speech from Dr. Jeff Ritterman about what has happened to this country's health. Kids dying and born with deformities, high rates of cancer. He also talks about Dr. Andres Carrasco, an Argentine neuroscientist, who proved these deformities/cancer were caused by Glyphosate, a/k/a Round Up weed killer.

Info on Dr. Carrasco:

Dr. Andres Carrasco, 67, neuroscientist fought Monsanto over Roundup

05/14/2014 By MICHAEL WARREN Associated Press

His team’s study, published in the peer-reviewed Chemical Research in Toxicology journal, found that injecting very low doses of glyphosate into embryos can change levels of retinoic acid, causing the same sort of spinal defects that doctors are increasingly registering in communities where farm chemicals are ubiquitous. Retinoic acid, a form of vitamin A, is fundamental for keeping cancers in check and triggering genetic expression, the process by which embryonic cells develop into organs and limbs.

Info on Dr. Ritterman:

Jeff Ritterman, MD, retired as chief of cardiology at Kaiser Richmond in 2010, where he had worked since 1981. Dr. Ritterman currently serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility.
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