A lawyers take on gmo food and his lawsuit against the FDA. Mercola interviews Attorney Druker.

"...it blindsided me..."

"Well, this struck me as being not only unscientific, but irresponsible and unethical. At the time I also had a hunch that it was illegal."

"...it forced the FDA, through the discovery process, to hand over more than 44,000 pages of it's internal files relevant to the policy it had made on genetically engineered foods."

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Dr. Joseph Mercola interview with Dr. Steven Druker about his new book, "Altered Genes, Twisted Truth: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public"

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3:38 Can you give us some of your background that lead you to embark on this historic venture?
4:02 About 1994-5, I became aware of genetic engineering, it was being used to reconfigure the genetic core of almost every edible fruit and vegetable and grain, that is the grand vision
5:36 I had this feeling that I had to learn more, I might need to do something about it. I didn't know why. Big gap between industry claims and facts
6:25 One of the things that concerned me greatly is that the FDA was not enforcing their regulations on GMOs
7:19 At the time, I was concerned the FDA, in 1992, that GMOs were "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS)

7:53 FDA Claim: There is an overwhelmingly scientific consensus GMOs are safe...so safe they do not have to be tested, no labeling
8:22 Hunch it was illegal, out of line with science
8:43 You would know....you are an attorney
8:58 It became clear the FDA had violated the law
9:44 I can contacting public interest groups with the hope of inspiring them to do the lawsuit
10:00 It became clear if I didn't do the lawsuit it was not going to happen
10:13 I founded a non-profit - Alliance for Bio-Integrity http://www.biointegrity.org/
10:40 I was contacted by International Center for Technology Assessment http://www.icta.org/
11:15 The lawsuit was filed in May 1998
11:25 The lawsuit forced the FDA to hand over 44,000 pages of internal files

12:00 The memos from the FDA scientists during risk assessments - usual risks to GMO food
13:13 The surprising thing was the FDA scientists were warning their superiors
13:40 FDA decided it was more important to promote US biotech rather than tell the truth and scientists warnings
13:58 They covered up those warnings
14:34 What the world heard from the FDA was the agency is not aware of any information showing that GMO foods differ from other foods.
15:25 An astounding fraud, biggest US government fraud ever 
16:30 Document #8 - Letter from Dr. James Maryanski, Biotechnology Coordinator, to Dr. Bill
Murray, Chairman of the Food Directorate, Canada. Subject: the safety assessment of foods and food ingredients developed through new biotechnology.October 23, 1991. (2 pages)

17:05 Not a scientific consensus about the safety of GMO foods - in FDA files
17:25 FDA influenced world health leaders, paved the way for other countries
18:30 Companies worldwide can dump GMO crops in US market - no safety studies
19:02 The law states companies must demonstrate the GMO foods safe
19:40 Give a brief summary of the scientific discussion that occurred a decade or two earlier that lead up to the 1992 decision

20:36 There is a lot of back story - I wanted to do a book that made a major contribution
21:39 Back in the early days, before GMOs became a reality in the 1970s, biggest break in nature in human history
22:28 Scientist warned about the dangers of this new technology
22:46 The public got afraid, so they began to change their story
23:10 A progressive misrepresentation campaign to convince the public and government that GE is not different and there should be no worries
23:53 Summer 1976-77, major lobbing campaign that universities were participating
25:18 There were several bills to regulate GE technology
24:41 Who was behind the lobbing efforts?
26:00 The ends justifies the means mentality. A cure for many, many things.
26:40 The burden of proof was placed on the developer.It got shifted on the critics with concerns. 
27:22 How did this group shift the burden of proof? There were some in both camps.
28:06 The one that were pitching the promise of this technology had the most support from the major research universities.
28:05 James Watson - started claiming very strongly that Genetic Engineering was safe. The molecular biologists.
28:44 National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
29:08 Their agenda was so strongly influenced.
29:29 Dr. Phillip Regal - University of Minnesota
29:44 Conference with Ecologists and Molecular Biologists could talk.
30:18 Dr. Phillip Regal. He was the point man, attempting to get the genetic engineering venture more in line with sound science.
31:27 Dr Phillip Regal is a great hero. He has performed such a great service to Science and to the cause of food safety. A great personal sacrifice.
32:20 High risk projects got stopped because of the two conferences.
33:16 Chapter 7: Huge erosion of Environmental protection in this country.
33:39 Food safety: bigger risks.
34:23 President Dwight Eisenhower warned about the danger of Scientific Technologic elite. Molecular Biology establishment and Biotech establishment were able to play the media.
35:02 The media had a very imbalanced way of presenting this.
35:50 Scientists who spoke out, if they didn't have tenure, they didn't get it.
36:11 A tremendous subversion of Science that has gone on, ironically in the name of Science. Distorted and subverted.
36:35 The prevailing of the elite. Power, ability to manipulate the press.
36:44 They were successful in propagating the impression that there no real problems with genetic engineering, that there was an overwhelming Scientific consensus that this was so; there never has been a Scientific consensus about that.
37:11 They kept regulation at a bare minimum.
37:30 If that fraudulent groundwork hadn't been laid, the FDA could not have done what it did.
37:55 Monsanto and Biotech industry
38:08 1970's Molecular Biologists: spindoctoring
38:35 Phillip Regal: Within the Scientific community, gossip became as good as truth, as good as fact. People just parroted what they heard other people saying.
38:53 Combination of a conflict of interest with the tendency of human nature to think they know better.
39:19 A combination of arrogance and avorance.
39:59 The first major Genetically Engineering catastrophe: L Triptophan
41:09 The only Triptophan supplement that was ever a problem, was the one created by Genetically Engineered bacteria.
42:40 The history is in the book, so the narrative they are spinning cannot survive.
43:02 It's very important to get the truth out there, so dramatic changes can be made.
43:26 Genetically Engineered L. Triptophan supplement history story
47:16 This epidemic was only determined because the symptoms were unique. The name of the epidemic was EMS.
49:00 Damage control: FDA showed they were quite willing to suppress evidence and to dispense misinformation in order to protect the image of Genetic Engineering. 1991
49:36 So, powerful and persistent and successful of clearing GMO contamination.
Chapter: Disappearing of a Disaster.
51:33 I called one of the scientists who was a professor of the Mayo clinic
52:38 Their research shows a strong likely-hood that Genetic Engineering caused the epidemic
53:40 With all this evidence, the case against Genetic Engineering become very strong indeed.
54:11 For the official story -
54:56 The FDA knew before 1992 that GE could not be ruled out as a cause of the MS epidemic
56:08 FDA official statements state the GE was not involved at all
56:34 The FDA knew enough in May of 1992 that doubt had been cast on the safety of GE because of that incident
54:56 The FDA knew before 1992 that GE could not be ruled out as a cause of the MS epidemic
56:08 FDA official statements state the GE was not involved at all
56:34 The FDA knew enough in May of 1992 that doubt had been cast on the safety of GE because of that incident
57:18 When we started the GMO labeling campaigns on the west coast, the general public did not know what a GMO was
58:30 And it is so gross that you will hear from governments around the world who are promoting this and scientists that there is not human health problem associated with GMOs....not a sneeze and a sniffle
59:10 History is so important as it relates to GMOs
59:42 1991, Michael Taylor
1:01:19 The transition from government to corporate funding
1:01:50 It took almost 9 years from the creation of the first GE bacterium to the creation of the first Genetic Engineered plant
1:04:45 I believe that Michael Taylor was brought in at that critical juncture to get thing moving in the direction of the Bush White House and the head people of the FDA wanted. Tracking the memos....you can see where the clout was coming from
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