I have no problem with gay people. As a matter of fact Some of your best friends are gay. Nicely written Wedggie. I'll bet you got an A in Philosophy. Why is a guy with your massive intellect wasting so much time on here? Something to keep you entertained while eating your Doritos and Chai? You two are like a couple of old ladies. It doesn't take much to tip you. I could care less what you say about A-Roid or any of the Yankees. They dont pay my salary. All I know is they easily outdistanced the Sux last year and they did it with 20% of their starting pitching and numerous injuries throughout the season. Yous Boston fans sure talk a good game prior to the start of the season. We'll see who is around in October. I missed you guys all of last year.
Heading to Florida. Anybody's autograph I can get for you? Keep each other warm! Catch up when I get back.