Is the sugar you are consuming "chemically ripened?"

Chemical ripeners

In 2013, the following glyphosate formulations are available as chemical ripeners: Touchdown Total, Roundup WeatherMAX and Roundup PowerMAX. Note: these products are labeled for use in stubble sugarcane crops only and not in plant cane. When used according to the label and the following recommendations, these products should increase recoverable sugar per ton of cane while minimizing decreases in tons of cane per acre...

Glyphosate can cause serious damage when drifted onto non-target sites (newly planted cane, other crops or residential landscapes). Drift-control agents may be added to reduce drifting potential. However, ripener should only be applied when wind speeds are between 3 and 10 mph and should not be applied when there is a surface temperature inversion. A surface inversion occurs when temperature at the surface is cooler than air above the surface; usually in the evening or early morning. Surface inversions restrict vertical air mixing and cause spray droplets to remain suspended where they can move laterally, reducing effectiveness of application and potentially causing damage to non-target sites. Also, wind direction should be taken into account when applying glyphosate ripener to avoid drifting onto sensitive non-target sites.
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