Americans still have the right to decide what they eat.

Americans have a right to know that their food has been changed.

Americans have a right to know that corporations can rig their in-house science and the fda will accept it, no questions asked.

Americans have a right to know that the education they received may have been influenced by corporations to their benefit.

Americans have a right to know their politicians are crooks and their federal agencies, in charge of protecting them and the environment, are crooks in the pockets of corporations. See link below.

Americans have a right to know that their news sources have been corrupted and the news is edited to protect corporate and political interests.

If you want to continue to eat poison, that is your right. Aren't you glad you have that right to choose?

Here is some background on the crap you like to eat. You can thank Bush and Quale for "substantially equivalent" food.


20 Years of GMO Policy That Keeps Americans in the Dark About Their Food - 05/30/2012

Twenty years ago this week, then-Vice President Dan Quayle announced the FDA's policy on genetically engineered food as part of his "regulatory relief initiative." The policy, Quayle explained, was based on the idea that genetic engineering is no different than traditional plant breeding, and therefore required no new regulations.

Five years earlier, then-Vice President George H.W. Bush visited a Monsanto lab for a photo op with the developers of Roundup Ready crops. According to a video report of the meeting, when Monsanto executives worried about the approval process for their new crops, Bush laughed and told them, "Call me. We're in the dereg businesses. Maybe we can help."

VP Bush

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