Via GMO-Free Rochester
Newsletter of Abundance Cooperative Market, 62 Marshall St., Rochester Volume 15, Issue 1 January/February 2015

By Elizabeth Henderson

Time to Label GMOs in New York State!

This is why we care so strongly. First of all, food made from GMO ingredients is not labeled. You do not have a choice about whether you want to participate in this massive experiment in novel kinds of food proteins some of which seem to cause allergies. 70-80% of the conventionally grown processed foods sold in grocery stores today have at least some GMO ingredient. GMO varieties are not tested independently for safety. The FDA policy not to require testing before approval for commercial sale was set against the advice of its own scientists. There are memos dating to 1991 in which FDA scientists warn of potential health risks. The FDA official who made the decision not to test each new genetically engineered variety was a former employee of Monsanto. The safety testing done by the companies that sell the seeds.
Arty turns 11 this summer.