I see that we are as usual getting into this nonsensical rhetoric which I am not going to engage my self in being that you have the same resources and hopefully intellect to research for yourself but we all know that research has the tendency to dispel misconceptions, lies, falsehood and half truths. Now heres a list of people I've talked to when I lived in Geneva.

Coles Muffler
Geneva Foreign and Sports
Every Gas Sation
Frank Wheeler Auto Repair
Mom burger Deli
Daves Auto
Nonna's Restaurant
Ramada Hotel
Hampton Hotel
JMarsh Auto
Kost Tires
Ling Lings Restaurant
Geneva on The lake
Belhurst Castle
Eddy Obriane
Marks Pizza
Uncle Joes
Club 86
Red Dove
Belhurst Castle

I can emphatically state that I've talked at some time or other over the years as to how much business comes from college students and their parents. Now it's up to you to become somewhat nosy in ascertaining any of these establishments personal revenue. wink